As a working mom of 2, it’s tough to find time. When and how do busy moms exercise?

Ticiano A.
Well I’m not a mom, but I will say that right now my exercise routine in this app is only eight minutes long. I am a big believer in something is better than nothing. And I also love the one minute just getting moving options they have. It’s like 15 seconds of jumping jacks 15 seconds of high knees and five push-ups. Personally my struggle is more personal motivation, and depression and anxiety, and it’s hard to argue with just one minute.
Fanny Q.
Dear working mum of 2 children. May I say by the time you clean house washing ironing running after children get to the work I think that is lots of exercise. I believe woman need to rest. Gentle exercise is the way. A little yoga in a quiet spot. I am a healthy 77 year old and I have found the above to be true. Also a walk with a friend if you can find the time.
Renata T.
At home and in the time when I say first, "I'm bored and I don't know what to do", thats when I make that time to exercise.
Darryl C.
I am not a mother, but grew up in a family where my mother worked long hours and took care of all the children. Later in life when I asked her how did she ever manage to find time for herself to do something she wanted or exercise, she told me that the only way that worked for her was that she scheduled time for herself. Be it five minutes or two hours, just make it like an appointment that you can’t skip.
Margaux S.
Depending on their age, find ways to involve them in your exercise routine – a baby can help with weight-lifting, toddlers love to dance, older kids could do a routine with you…
Jerusa P.
I’m a working mom of two as well! It’s hard to find enough time in my schedule to always do a full workout. I get up in the mornings before the kids wake up and do my stretches and weights. At work I make the time to step away from my desk and take a walk outside around the building or walk inside around the building if the weather is bad. I’m trying to find workouts that I can do with the littles so that I can do them when they are around! Before bed I stretch again and do squats, planks, and other “quite” workouts while everyone is going to bed. Some days I can accomplish everything I just listed and other days only one or two of those things get done! Just try different times of the day and ways to fit a work out in!
Signe C.
It is very hard… i tried a step-wise approach. 1. Create environment at home where I can exercise. Threadmill and yoga mat in basement. (Threadmill is recent since we could not affird it begore but a last year work bonus helped us). 2. When the kid is asleep or away. I alternate putting our little one to bed with my Husband. When it is not my turn, i exercise for 30 min. Some nights i can’t because I am too exhausted, but I do my best. When my son has karate, i send my husband and go to a yoga class or to the gym. Again, not everytime but as much as i can. The gym subscription is new from this year.
August X.
One answer to your question is to take advantage of short HIIT exercises like the 7 minute one on this app or others you can find on YouTube and Darebee. Other than that it really depends on how old your kids are, your work hours,and whether or not you're a single mother. For instance waking up an extra hour early sucks at first, but when you get used to it and use 30 minutes for exercise and 30 for relaxation it feels really good. Also make sure you have time enough for a good breakfast. You can also exercise right before bed if it doesn't amp you up. Some have trouble sleeping right after a workout, but many don't. Using this tactic you could workout right after putting the kids to bed. You might also try having your kids workout with you which could be fun whatever their ages. Also it may help if you monitor what you do throughout the day for a day or two. You may notice that you have 20 minutes to an hour when you are doing things that could be replaced with exercise. For example you could workout in front of the TV instead of sitting on the couch. You could workout for 15 minutes instead of scrolling through Facebook. Bake instead of standing in front of the stove. Try different things and incorporate what you like then make it a routine.
Lucas G.
On this app actually are some really good, really short workouts, about ten minutes or less. If you do the exercises as intensely as you can, you can get a decent workout for half the time.
Justine C.
Early morning when kids are asleep, even 10 min will help.
If this is not an option, it is always good having a gym at work or near work and exercising during lunch.
Hubertus U.
Although I am not a mom yet… But I am busy both at home and work…
Sometimes you can just concentrate on the muscles you're using during the day…. Like pull your abs in when walking.
Or you can maje it like a game for your children and have a 10 minute exercise with them.
Marta Z.
I walk with my kids. I walk and use stairs whenever possible. I did the 7 minute routine on the app this morning and I’m feeling it. I Judge the amount of time. I just do it whenever I can.
Fernando T.
In the morning before your kids get up is the best time to exercise. When you exercise you could hit the gym or you could go for a run. But, if you don’t want to spend money by going to the gym or you don’t like running search some exercise routines on youtube!
Sol Ne O.
Not a mom. But regardless of that I am still struggling myself to find time. Hoping that as I solidify the rest of my daily routine I can add it in. Also finding some one else to do it with helps. I’m alone so I’ve hired a personal trainer to meet with 2x a week. That’s an incentive that is helping. Still the other three days I often miss because of pressing priorities.
Luis S.
I drop the kids off at school, then go to the gym before work. We also go to the gym together for things like family yoga or other classes. Gym time is a family thing. We also get outdoors alot for hiking and kayaking.
Ma L Y.
I’ve never been a parent, but as someone who’s spent some time around little ones within this past month (and as someone who remembers their own small-childhood pretty well), take your kids with you for a walk in the woods, or play with them when they go outside! If your kiddos are “too old to spend time with mom”, take advantage of this to play an exercise video at the end of the day. They’ll be less likely to bother you, or better yet, they might join in! (Then again, kiddos are rather chaotic, so this is just a guess!) And if need be, break it up over the course of the day. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes at night gets you at 30 minutes for the whole day!
Misael P.
Sometimes they can exercise with you if not when there an school or give them an something to do tell them OK mommy has to workout
Esmirna E.
I’m not a working mom at all but I just wanted to help with an idea so I know someone answers your question 🙂

I’ve been using the app “Wakeout” on iPhone to do am energizing workout right after I wake up and it works SO WELL! But there’s a 7 minute workout app and tons more. Maybe experiment with short workout apps like the ones mentioned or Nike Training app

Eric S.
How do I know…. I am a teen… But Yaa my mom is a working women she is 54kg and it is her hard work. She is a doctor and manages her patients, her family and her health.
Lisa T.
You could exercise when they fall asleep at night. You don’t have to exercise for 1 hour. Just 8 minutes is enough. I know you are tired when the kids are falling asleep. But you need to do it every night to make a habit, and soon you can do more and more. Good luck
Arian R.
I tend to exercise during my boys breakfast time or after tea when they're in bed. I still get my quality time in the morning while I'm teaching them healthy exercise. Which does help with their development and their beliefs in exercise. From young I didn't have anyone to share exercise with so I'd like to improve that with my relationship with my children. When I'm working and studying I hope to continue teaching them to exercise and eat right in my spare time.
Simon Z.
I do a few moves here and there through the day that really do add up! I’ve made a habit of doing arms in the bathroom as I’m getting ready in the morning, leg lifts in the kitchen while prepping food and dancing with my kids around the house.
Simon Z.
Incorporate the kids or during times when they're asleep or occupied… maybe get a sitter for an hour or so (Notes to self)
Enzo Z.
Try to find out 10 mins of the day when you have tome for yourself. Like when your kids are off to school and kitchen or other home activities are mostly done… You can and I guess you have to find 10 mins at least from the day for yourself… And then in 10 mins, you can do small exercises like plank, squats, or lunges or some exercise which you can do by sitting on the bed. Even you can find such exercises on Pinterest. If it's possible then try to find the time before lunch or in the evening. I hope my answer has helped you.
Thank you.
Lawrence B.
When you have two children; its tough to find time. However, you can do exercise at your work. If you work in an office and there are stairs take the stairs. Or you can ride your bike to your job if it’s near your house. If you have some time at all, you can play with your children at home, maybe tag, catch, or make a fun game on how to organize the house.
Erik S.
Make the time spent with your kids your exercise time, go for a walk or jump on a trampoline with them. They will love it and so will you.
Ivan Q.
As I'm not a mom, so I don't really know when the busy exercise, but I can say that they maybe do exercise in the morning before doing any work….Hope thi will help🙏🙏
Roderich O.
Probably when they're asleep if they're still a kid. Once they've grown up, maybe exercise together with them so they'll feel productive too!
Leona Z.
I feel you dont have to workout like one hour or so. There are workout apps which has workout for 7mins or 15 mins like that. You can get your children to do it together. You can inculcate some basic activities like walking, taking stairs if its less. Half of the floors by elevator rest by walking. 10mins brisk walking or running. Anything which suits you. Apart from that you can work on like 2-3 times a week for half an hour. Playing games with children will also get your workout.