What are the best indoor exercises for a rainy day?

Abby N.
Put on some music and dance like crazy for a while! Not only are you moving around and doing cardio, but it will lift your mood on a rainy day.

Hailey F.
Yoga is the best for indoors for me, especially if its cloudy or rainy . Do the yoga at night as it helps to relax you for bed

Charly Q.
Air squats, weighted with whatever you have at the house. Overhead presses with the same weight coming out of the squat.

Josselino P.
Physical therapy exercises to keep you body in top shape for intense exercise, body weight exercises, or yoga/stretching routines

Jean P.
Oh honestly, whenever I workout its indoors.
My workouts are defined by one thing, lack of money.
Therefore; no equipment, no gym, no pretty workout attire, etc.
I just turn on a YouTube video from Cassey Ho's Blogilates channel and follow along according to my capability.
She's very encouraging and makes the process either fun, challenging, or rejuvenating.
That's my recommendation. So if you have a workout/yoga mat for stability. You can get to it. 💁🏻‍♀️ All the best! 👍🏼

Ekaterina O.
A dynamic aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes with jumping and squats, then hula hoop with a music for about 20 other minutes and 10 minutes yoga or stretching

Ronald E.
I have a little sticky note called "Kwik Work" that I do in the mornings, here you go!

Left kicks, right kicks, front kicks
Curls (if you have dumbbells, I do dips when I don't)
Leg lifts
Standing obliques (like crunches)

I also have this lovely app called 8fit that provides more high energy workouts that are customizable to your fitness level. Enjoy!

Apar Cio Z.
I like to do HIT workouts. Especially doing them on video call with someone. Having the motivation to do it with someone makes it really fun and drives you to complete it!

Seleni S.
Oh man! There's a ton of fun excersises you can do during a rainy day! What me and my family have been doing is the 7 minute workout which is on this app, it's simple, quick, and let's you get a good sweat in. And if you don't want to do that, something as simple as dancing can get your heart rate up and muscles working. If you feel like a calmer day, you can simply stretch your muscles to get them ready for another day of excersises. Finally, you could always take a couple minutes to just walk around your house. I've found it very fun to mix dancing with walking while listening to my favorite playlist. Whichever you choose, be sure to have fun with it and be creative, excersise doesn't need to be a chore ;). Good luck!! And have a wonderful day! <3

Savy U.
Check out the channels Blogilates, Madfit, Pamela Reif and Natacha Oceane on YouTube! I think Blogilates has the most variety, but the others give great heart pumping workouts and Madfit has a lot of fun single song workouts.

Gers O T.
For cardio I do a lot of HIIT exercises including burpees, high knees, and plank jacks but also se exercises that are more gentle on the knees can be inch worms, shoulder taps, and quick lunges. For legs and arms I do my workouts like I normally do since I have a weight set but include more body weight movemts such as tricep dips and push ups. I prefer strength training over cardio and I actually find that I sweat the same amount whether I do hiit or just do weight training with few breaks.