What’s been the most effective at energizing you for a morning workout? Any drinks, fruits, etc that work well to add a zing to my morning?

Nolan Y.
Wake up thinking positive and be like: If I workout today I'll make progress and if I don't I'll feel bad and don't make progress that already gives me a kickstart, and just try to eat healthy and enough but make sure you don't eat to much so it doesn't go out of you while you're Sporting lol..
Signe Z.
I like to have some carbs before I workout in the morning, like a toast with jam or a cookies. If I'm going on an empty stomach, my sugar will likely fall.
Leonara Q.
I like to start off by making a list of the reasons why working out in the morning benefits me. Then I repeat affirmations in my head.
Shana O.
First a glass or two of water right away when I wake up. Than I usually eat a good breakfeast. Some eggs, cereals, yogurt, friut .. veggie here and there hehe
Than I drink a cup of coffie and chill a little reading something or thinking about the day (what to do) and than I exercise if I don't have to go to work. If so .. I go for a walk before sleep to clean up the head of the stressfull people I have at work haha