What are some healthy breakfast options?

Mister Z.
I prepare an easy oatmeal recipe (1 cup of whole-grain oats, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of water, a dash of salt, a teaspoon of brown sugar, simmer for 5 minutes, add 20 grams of mixed nuts, mix and enjoy with a cup of coffee)
Zoey N.
Super easy to microwave turkey bacon, and toast a Thomas everything bagel (surprisingly low in fat and need carbs for energy)!!! Have a cup of fruit with that like blueberries/cutie tangerine and you’re all set.

Another option is almond milk and honey bunches of oats. Necessary iron for the day!
Eggs are always great source of protein and you can get precooked turkey sausage bits and mix in with eggs for added protein!!

Valdemar C.
☺️Boiled eggs with two slices of brown bread and some fruits or veggies on the side
U can also have it with some tea or freshly squeezed juice of your choice
☺️Oatmeal with honey
☺️Musli with fresh fruits
Ecl Ia Z.
I usually eat bread with tomato and olive oil and some cheese or ham next to it. Sometimes i eat bread with butter and malmelade. I drink some water and a coffe with it. (I know i should eat some fruit too…)
Vickie Z.
A healthy breakfast to me has a lot of protein, good fats, whole grains and some fresh squeezed juice or a nice cup of coffee!
Ben G.
I do a breakfast sandwich every morning. I have a sandwich maker that is basically a layered hot plate. First layer I put the bottom part of my whole wheat muffin with half a slice of cheese and my morning glory non meat patty, next layer is my egg that I too with pepper and seasoning mix that has zero sodium and top part of the muffin. I tend to have two cups of coffee by time I am done. This breakfast has been my go to for over five years now.
Eleonora N.
ALWAYS COFFEE + Pancakes with fruit or chocolate, yogurt with fruit, only fruit. It would be great also a toast with cheese and ham or an omelette