What ways do you use to make time for exercise when you have small children?

Ilhan X.
You take them with you to the exercise! Sounds funny but works. Use your children as a weight. Use it to bond with them and to make the exercise more fun. In that way you will keep them safe under your eye as well.
Jeremy U.
When having small children I would exercise the time they’re asleep or in school, even if I just do a exercise routine at home
Alexandra Y.
Well u need to have an environment where u can do both so exercise outside with your children but if there toddlers then have them play in the crib while u exercise
Anna Y.
Well I play music that me and my child both like and I’ll let them try to image my small workouts that are safe to try and I go from there eventually they tire out and take a nap then I can do more demanding workouts
Aldrovanda Z.
I have two children with special needs, making any kind of activity outside the house really hard as both parents are needed at home most of the time. To make my weekly exercise work, I have chosen a time when the rest of the family is not yet up: Saturday early mornings for my weekly 7km run, I have been doing it since a year no matter the weather. Now I add a light exercise each morning to Fabulous and take an extra run some morning. I have a 30 minutes Tabata training as an option to running but it is not nearly as easy as running. Also, make it impossible to skip exercise by putting the training clothes on center stage and wear them immediately when you wake up, it will be hard not to actually complete the run, and everyone in the house knows you will be going running if they see you. The key is that the rest of the family knows and adapts to me as well as I'm consistent. Hope it helps, good luck!
Jan T.
I walk with my friends at the park every morning and they have kids too. So in the summer while us mommies are walking, the little ones play! In the evenings I workout with my husband. We built a home gym, so our kids either workout with us or just play in our driveway/yard. I like to show them that fitness is important and get them involved.
Giselda P.
Be active with them. Mine likes her little scooter and this way I can take a long walk with her. Or use the stroller. I think, it is not to make time to exercise without them and more about what exercise you can do with them.
Iracilda T.
You can work out during nap time or once they go to bed. If you don't want to workout at home find a gym that has childcare. You can also do things throughout the day like body weight squats, push ups, sit ups, etc when you have moments of free time.
Jandira Z.
You could include them in exercising. This would be a slightly unconventional workout, but you could play with them in a park or anywhere really. It might not be traditional, but you would have fun and the kids would be tired and ready for a nap/ bedtime.
Good luck!
Jeppe W.
A child above 6 months can play alone when you give her some toys. And you can exercise while she play her toys. Or you can exercise with your child. For example you can use her as a dumble 🙂 And you can just put up and down your baby with your arms or you can lie down, put her in your belly and put your belly down and up. This way is more funny for you and your baby.
if you want to make more heavy and long exercise you can wait until your baby sleeps. When she sleeps you can exercise for long time. But in real life, this cant be possible all time. Because there are too many house work waiting to you and you are waiting for your babies sleep to do this work.
Rosie Z.
Do it with them. I show him the motions and teach him to join in, or when he was younger I used him a a weight so he could still join in even though he didn't know what it was all about. He loves it.
Alicia Z.
I Walk a lot and use apps with exercises like Fitstar from Fitbit. Right now I'm doing the program which gives you 10-15 min of different exercises each day. You can do it at home while the children sleep or while they play or watch
Celina Y.
I use the YMCA, which includes child care. I exercise to videos on the TV and my kids are usually trying to wrestle me through most of it. And we turn on loud music and dance til we're tired and sweaty.
Jonathan F.
Play with the small children. One of them will want to roughhouse, or at least be tossed or lifted or carried or something.
Florian O.
Trying to exercise with kids around can be frustrating so I think it is best to try to wake before them and workout at home or do it after they go to bed. If you have a partner who can be home while you go for a run after the kids are in bed, you get some time for yourself and won’t need to sacrifice time with them.
Svetlana S.
Depends on how small; if it's a toddler or newborn exercise can be tricky to make space for. But ultimately in that setting you could go for a very short but regular workout like the 7min workout. If the little one is old enough to walk and understand then you can try to motivate them to join you for fun. (Making it a game)
Agathe U.
Changing my outlook on movement, so instead of parking as near as possible to anything I park as far away as I can manage and walk, small changes like that start to impact your choices to move more, and suddenly it’s easier and you find more time. I used to rush all the time and still be late, at least I’ve got some exercise in now!
Roque F.
When you want to exercise with small children you have to get them involved. If they’re too small to follow along use them as a weight. You’ll never escape, just do it with them. 🙂
Rasmus Y.
I personally don’t have small children, but what I’ve seen family members and friends do is make use of whatever time they get. Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be a hardcore workout, so even doing crunches during commercials on tv or squats while doing chores around the house can make a difference. I’ve also seen that making your children feel involved with the workout can help! Even if you just do jumping jacks with a child, it’s good exercise for you and helps the child feel as though they’re participating! Take advantage of nap times, especially! Or if your child is at school/a friend or family members house/etc, make use of these times to get in the proper workout you’re looking for!
Joseph J.
I do not have small children, but if I did, I may take them to the park or an indoor rec center where we could walk, run and play.