What food would you recommend for a picky eater to be healthy?

Adosindo S.
It depends on how picky you are. For breakfast if you like eggs than I would make some eggs (fried or scrambled) with either bacon or sausage. You could also have it with some toast. For breakfast you could also try yogurt with some fresh fruit or berries with granola. My favorite granola brand is Love Crunch the red berry one. For lunch you could make or buy a soup. Try to pick on with vegetables and meat in it so that it is a more balanced meal. If you want to be healthy try to stay away from tomato soup because it has a lot of sugar in it and not much protein. For lunch you could also have a simple salad with your favorite dressing, veggies, cheese, and maybe some chicken as well. For dinner if you like sea food then I would recommend either salmon or some other kind of fish with rice and a side salad. If you don’t want that then pick your favorite type of meat (beef, pork, and chicken are all great options). Also choose carbs. You could pick rice or some sort of whole wheat bread for a healthy option, or some cooked vegetables. To be more healthy try not to have any soft drinks with your meals. Instead drink water or seltzer water with low to zero sugar. Hope this was helpful.
Carl C.
Hmm put something u like to eat which is healthy and put something that you feel nourished after eating like for example instead of sugary chocolate I started eating dark chocolate or sugar free chocolate or fruits dipped in chocolate and I would really reccomemd eating dates with peanut butter. SO GoOD! It's all about making healthy food tasty