Does everyone do the exercise in the morning? Or do some of y’all do it in afternoon or evening after work or before bed?

Corinne Z.
It makes best sense for my brain and body to exercise first thing in the morning. It sets my day up for success. My body feels awake and fresh and strong for the remainder of the day. That way, if other things fail later or I am exhausted in the late afternoon, I can choose rest and know I still accomplished something so good for my health.

Amanda F.
I do it in the evening but I'm not sure if that is cheating 🙂
Any exercise I do is definitely achieving my goal though so I'm happy.

Olivia O.
I do a little bit of exercise in the morning, a simple workout of 15 squats, 20 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 curl ups, and 5 pushups but later on in the day is when I will do a full on workout for 30+ minutes

Leah S.
I normally prefer to do it in the morning as once I finish my exercise in the morning. i wll b free to finish all other tasks with full of energy

Lou E.
I try to stick to the exercise in morning first. If we get activity like biking or basketball with kids in afternoon then it’s bonus:)

Mary B.
Sometimes I forget to do it in the morning or I get really lazy to exercise so I do it in the evening it makes feel better in the evening I don't know why but it does

Fatima W.
I tend to do it whenever I feel energized, which is why I do it in the morning. I do it at night sometimes, but it’s more of a light walk on the treadmill or something.

Shade I.
With my issues I find it's better to go on walks after dinner or right before dinner, dinner for me is normally 6 and walking before then makes the food seem better.

Andy P.
I like to exercise in the afternoon or evening! It feels better to do it when I am bored and feel tired because it gives me energy, or to do it to finish off the day. I’m always too groggy and grumpy in the morning to do any kind of physical activity!

Lea W.
I usually do it at evning because that was my gym time but lattly I do it at afternoon cause I Just feel Like it works the best for me

Marion J.
I exercise right after I drink water, before eating breakfast. So yeah, I do. You don't have to do some really hard ones. Jumping jacks, or anything easy is good.

Clarissa S.
I do some in the morning before work, and then I've been walking every night after work because I sit all day for work, so I have to get out & walk 🙂

Larissa P.
I like working out after work. It helps me blow off some steam and I HATE working out in the morning. I am not awake! 😉

Jen Z.
I personally like to exercise before bed so I'm tired when I fall asleep, but only a small work out like 7 minutes or so. Otherwise I'll be to hyper, or if I want a longer workout I will do it in the afternoon when I'm done with lunch.

Jean Z.
I usually do it right before bed unless I wake up early on accident and can’t sleep. In which case I do it in the morning.

Rosie N.
I usually do my workouts in the morning to start my day. I prefer the mornings bc I am able to wake up, eat a quick breakfast and workout a sweat and release endorphins and then shower and get ready. I am able to push it out of the way and able to be more productive. I know a couple of people who prefers to workout at night due to the fact that a workout for them can be strenuous and they’re able to just shower and sleep after