How can I remain consistent with exercise and ensure I carry out a routine everyday?

Rose O.
Mindset! It's all about mindset !
Start small and work your way up it's still technically exercise even if it's a 5 minute walk you just gotta put your shoes on and start the day, walk to your favourite coffee shop or if you don't have one find a local park you can go do a bit of yoga at
Just keep it small. Doing the housework can be an excercise on its own, just have to learn to enjoy it and dance to some music as you tidy along
Sebastian S.
Be sure to make ethical decision to go to the routine making healthy life, do schedule and set timer which day you will begin what hours when you started. That's All
Deanna E.
I can remain consistent by changing the type of exercise I will do based on my mood. If I am not really feeling like exercising, I will choose a light workout or just do something I enjoy as long as I am moving my body. But, if I feel I have the time and the energy, i will choose a workout that is a little bit challenging. But, usually, since I am still trying to get back to working out consistently, I usually go for light workouts that get my heart rate up but are not heavy enough to really build muscle or give cramps.