How do you know for sure that a sport is made for you?

Karla Z.
I think if you enjoy it, that says a lot. But like anything that requires skill, lots of practice is needed. Sometimes being more skillful at a particular sport makes it more enjoyable as well. Although I only did martial arts my senior year of high school, I wasn’t good at doing sequences of moves, but I was pretty good at sparring. Having an awesome teacher really made it fun though.

Aline N.
I always start with a simple sport , such as running or doing lap's in the pool ((it's so much fun to be honest😅)) .. and once u start to get addicted to a sport (((u just can't wait to do)) and your body feels comfortable ,I think that is the kind of sport that will work for you and you will keep doing ((because you love it )))

Ingridt O.
The truth to this answer is you can’t know right away. A sport isn’t specifically made for you, you have to see if you enjoy doing that sport. Practice it for a week, see if you like it. If you don’t, try something else, because you don’t want to do something you don’t like That just doesn’t make you happy. Hope this helped!

Alexander E.
It isn't going to feel comfortable at first, you may even be clumsy. Give the activity some time to develop some muscle memory.

Christopher J.
As someone who has always played sports and many of them, I think the most important thing is to enjoy doing it regardless of where you are and how good you start out. It's all about the journey and not the destination of winning an award in competition but truly loving the act, the practice, and the people (if doing a team sport). Anyone can get good at something with practice. I didn't always feel that way when I was younger and it can take the joy out of the sport.

Angelina T.
That’s hard. I think a lot of it is trial an error, but also you need to think about what sport seems the most fun to you, and also research a little about if the sport is high or low impact, how much stamina it requires, etc. That way you can find a sport that challenges you, but also keeps you from injuring yourself or making you feel like you failed.

Gertrude T.
I was pretty good at basketball when I played. I do not actually play sports now. I learned how to play tennis as a youth. I play in the faculty kick ball game. I am 63 so if I were to play a sport again it would be basketball or tennis. I don’t anticipate having much of an opportunity. Thanks for asking!

Oliver Z.
Two ways: mentality and goals.

Think about what you want to get out of the activity, then see which sports offer that to you.

Second, it might be helpful to approach sports with an open mind instead of thinking of them as "made" for you. Unless you actually create a new sport just for your preferences, no sport is "made" for you lmao. What I'm saying is that take a sport for what it is and accept it for what it isn't. If it gives you the majority of what you're looking for then stick to it. And just make sure you're having fun 🙂

Otniel Q.
If you enjoy it, and matches your health goals, it is right for you. If you don’t enjoy it, it is unlikely you will keep at it. If it doesn’t match your health goals, such as weight loss, increasing strength, cardiovascular fitness, etc. then your time could be better spent on a different sport.

Eduardo O.
If you feel great and have fun when you're doing it. If you feel like you're not wasting time then I think it's a sport made for you.

Katie W.
We can never know for sure, if only because our bodies are always changing. We can get bigger muscles,
weaker joints, better endurance, more fragile bones, improve our technique and form, and also acquire injuries. This is part of the process of living! Aging is part of the process of living too. What we can do is continue to listen to our bodies, cross-train to improve a wider range of skills (including the ability to learn new things!), and keep our minds open to the possibility of finding another healthy way to incorporate movement into our lives. So we don't have to know or have it figured out. If you're asking because you want to know when to invest in your own equipment or gear, I'd recommend asking others in your area when they bought their first road bikes or climbing harness (and how much to spend, and whether second hand is safe/a better deal). Sorry I don't have a clearer answer for you! But

Karla W.
The only tried and tested way to find out is to try it out yourself! I feel all sports should be challenging, however some are much harder than others. Try taking beginners classes, or have a friend teach you the basics and gauge your levels of improvement. Much like this app, you need to start making a habit out of it. To be honest anybody can do any type of sport; if you are enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right.

Anna O.
When you actually enjoy getting up and putting your body through the rigor it takes even though it is hurting from the last time.

Tracy O.
I think once you have given it a decent shot, you will know by how you feel. If you enjoy it, and it's not dangerous for you, then it's meant for you. Once you find activities and sports that you enjoy, they are the ones you will continue to do and make time for.

Danny Z.
When you absolutely love it and you are looking forward to go and practice that sport.
If you feel like you have to force yourself, try another sport.. Until you find THE ONE. 🤗

Ugo Z.
For sure you should enjoy it enough to know that you can stick with it. But if you have any goals in this area then you should also think about how this particular activity will bring you closer to achieve these goals. Otherwise you're not going to have enough motivation to stay on track, because the fact that you have goals and not doing anything about them will be your excuse not to not it.

Sylvia C.
First of all you enjoy it, you wanna go back to it and it doesn't leave you neither without a drop of sweat nor dying with fatigue

Emeline Y.
I haven't played many sports in my day but i would assume a sport is right for you when your going home satisfied with the amount of work youve done. And when you go home your'e tired when you go to sleep

Erwan C.
If you enjoy it and it makes you happy then you know it’s for you. I love to dance and the control that Pilates and yoga give me.

Sadrudine F.
Well surely the first thing is that you enjoy playing it and i guess it makes you want to keep training to be better at it

Tyrone F.
Sports aren't made for any one individual. As we grow we discover what activities are best suited for our natural talents. However, like all gifted athletes and academics, we must all push beyond our limits to become great. Mastery is achieved with perseverance over time.

Anika T.
Cause i feel that i am a sporty girl but i need a routine.. cause i wake up so late! And sport 🥎 makes me feel refreshed!.. and i feel healthy when i do sport and.. t

Ernst Dieter T.
Derby is for me. It has made me want to go to the gym with a pu
rpose, to build muscle and get stronger. I dont care about the scale all I care about is stamina on track and strength not to be hit

Caroline C.
If you enjoy a sport, it's for you. Find something that makes you happy. It might not even be a sport, might be yoga, or dance.