What is your favorite morning exercise?

Nazgol N.
The mixture of Yoga and Pilates and some cardio activities is the best combination for me .I use youtube videos , and for sure I recommend lilly sabri's channel.you must check it out 🙂
Mads U.
I take my dog for a walk every morning before breakfast, just to start the day with a breath of fresh air and some time outside. Plus, the dog happens to LOVE walks.
Candel Ria C.
A small meditation + slow yoga. As it has a low start (just sitting in the beginning!) helps you not being so lazy getting out of bed. I just jump out of bed and directly start with it before I do anything else. I don't do harsh exercises but mostly some yoga positions that help me with my back pain for around 10min
Tuan A.
Walking or running. Since the lockdown I feel lazier and lazier and I don't get up as early as I used to but I do enjoy being outdoors in all kinds of weather, on my own, with my music
Tuan A.
I like to walk in a sunny day, I like to stretch and I don’t really like sweating much. I want to feel empowered and with some good music under