What exercise is best to do? I do different ones each day but I don’t know what I should stick with.

Yvonne U.
You can do what I do, every day another part from the body. Example:
Friday: cardio
Saturday: restday
Sunday:stretching & meditation
I hope it helps, good luck!
Stivi N.
I really enjoy yoga and stretching!After the workout I feel calm and full of energy!
Moreover, try out Chloe ting's workouts!They are absolutely adorable!
Marc C.
The best exercises to start out with are the basics, and as you get more and more proficient and they become to easy find a way to make them tougher.

Best routine is starting with pushups, crunches, squats, and any form of back exercise. Aim for as many as you can do, keeping track of how many, and total time, each week try to outdo yourself. Look up online variations of these to make them more complicated as needed, or simpler as well. Eventually you'll be so strong that you won't even believe how you started

Uno N.
That depends on what you want out of the exercise, which you must ask yourself. One reason for the exercise is simply to move and get the blood pumping. To this end, anything is acceptable.
Clifford U.
planking (1 min), jogging in place (2 min), jumping jack (30 jumps ), mountain climbers (20 sec) 3 min neck exercise, 1 min face exercise, 1 min kegels, 2 min dumb bells for arms and chest.
Amelia F.
Mixing it up is the best thing to do, cardio, strength, stretching and relaxation in a mix. This will build all areas of the body and protect from injury. For example a runner will need to do strength training to protect their knees and legs