What`s some good ways to shorten the time between breakfast and exercise?

Kim F.
Don't wait to digest, go for a walk immediately.
Barbara U.
Eat less and light breakfast. Eat fiber filled food no white bread or donuts. If you eat fiber filled food, your body will digest faster which means it will shorten the between breakfast and exercise.
Irmtraut F.
I think the best way to shorten time between breakfast and exercise is to shower as soon as possible, and go straight away to eat a fabulous gloriously healthy breakfast.
Isabella G.
1. Eat less and save it for later. Eat something for energy instead of eating enough. For example, having half banana or piece of bread, protein drink. Eat more after exercise.

2. Eat earlier. then doing morning routine and start excercises 30 minutes later.

Hope it works!

Lucy T.
By exercising before you eat breakfast. This way you don't have to wait a certain amount of time in between the two. If you get really hungry beforehand, try drinking a preworkout drink to fuel you during your exercise.
Guillaume P.
Eat a light breakfast; a breakfast smoothly or fruit. Usually, one would have to wait an hour after a big meal before any exercise. This is yo avoid cramping and indigestion. Hence, listen to your body, if you feel awkward while exercising after a meal, wait a while longer. You can also try walking as an exercise immediately after a meal. Climbing stairs. Or simple stretches.
Terry T.
You can exercise while you prepare your breakfast. My kids love watching me dance and sing around the kitchen. It brings a bit of joy to the morning.
Bodo Q.
Well actually I do my exercise first so I don't feel full or get distracted as a result of my breakfast. Also I love using breakfast as a reward for a good workout.
Oskar X.
Good questions. So I personally feel better when I exercise and then eat breakfast as I tend to over eat and feel bloated after btrakfts but if I workout and then eat, I will in turn eat less as I don't want my workout to go to waste. If you are hungry before working out then eat something light like a banana or bar. Also, you are usually more hungry after working out so will be more likely to quickly eat something. Smoothies are fast and healthy, oatmeal, protein bar, nuts etc. Or make something ahead of time so you can grab and go. Hope that helps.
Elio P.
Do a simple breakfast or one that has been prepped in advance. Or, some people do a healthy/ hearty smoothie either before or after exercise.
Marie U.
A short small breakfast before I exercise by a healthy snack afterwords allows me to shorten the time between the two amd gove ot time to settle befoew o get moving.
Alexander Z.
Perhaps fill the gap with something else constructive? Reading, maditating, tidying up, etc. For example, if you eat breakfast and then clean up the dishes, tidy the kitchen and then exercise, you’re keeping the up the habit, but also keeping your spaces clean.
Agathe Z.
Do your exercise before your breakfast. This means you burn more calories & you can have breakfast as soon as your exercise is done ✅ …
Isabella C.
The answer might be to have a very light breakfast but have you thought about exercising first? After eating it usually takes me at least 30 minutes before I feel like I can do any worthwhile exercise. The other way around, a quick morning exercise session can be anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes which can immediately be followed by breakfast.
L A T.
Dont overload at breakfast time (sounds patronisibg, I know) but if you lighten breakfast and start the exersize slowly (I walk on a treadmill until my muscles are all warmed up and stretched out) then I find I'm ok to start a little more energeically sooner rather than feeling bloated. So lately, I have two slices of gluten free toast with a spoonful of peanut butter, some filtered water with a few slices of lemon in, and I'm running heavy within half an hour. Those old days of feeling bloated and too full to train (or windy all day) are gone since I did the food intolerance hair tests (I found my worst habit was overloading with ordinary bread & cheese which took an age to digest) but everyone is different. It might be dairy, or apples (I know, strange, but since I cut them out I feel more lively) Point is, I'd do a test asap if it helps get you training more quickly, which ups the metabism and hey presto, a circle is formed. Works for me, but then, we're all different. Good luck 😁
Matilde Q.
I believe the best way is to exercise before the breakfast. It allows you to have heavy exercises included in your program. Moreover, physical activity instantly provides you with an energy boost which makes your breakfast less stretched 🙂
Valeri Q.
Eat something very small and plain 45-60 prior, that’s it. So one vanilla protein bar OR one half of a vanilla protein smoothie,