Do you find it strange to wake up and do exercise in front of your family?

A B.
Yes I have always been better at working out without an “audience”. It is one of the reasons I can never stick to going to the gym. I would find a quiet time and with in a week or two more and more people begin to show up. My wife is the complete opposite she has to have a work out partner. I try to fill in as best I can but always leery of how I look.
A N.
I absolutely dislike exercising in front of family so i just try to find a space to be alone. If its not possible just remember it is for you not them so try not to be embarrassed.
Anoo N.
Of course not.
I always say that you can do whatever you want to do unless you don’t hurt yourself and other people.
So go for it even if they made fun of you.
You continue.
It would be good and also funny experience.when you push yourself into such a situation which your so called security feels unsecure and your mind feels uncomfortable.
Valentijn I.
I got my own room but, yes i would feel a litlle uncomfortable. Meby try a fitness school and go early not many people are there then.
Kelen Q.
I’m self conscious so I do but if I wasn’t self conscious then probably not (?) I put the question mark because if I do a workout in front of my mother she tells my whole family that I did a workout in the morning sooooo
Caleb C.
When i work out I do it in my room so no one can see me or I physically leave my house. this enables me to know that no one cares if i get really sweaty and let’s me go even harder in the morning.
Maria Y.
I used to do exercises in my bedroom before moving on with the day, so nobody would bother me. But when we were living in a studio, was also doing it in front of my partner. My moto was "I need to do it for myself, so I just focus on myself", after a while we bpth got used to the routine.
Kelli U.
I did not actually my family joined in and we now all go to the gym. We go separately only because we all run on different time schedules but most definitely not strange in front of family. I think I had a harder time bringing myself to the gym to work out in front of people that I dont even know that could judge me. But it helps my self confidence and social anxiety yo force myself out in public.
Valentina N.
Yes, I don’t like be seen doing exercise. I think exercising is something for myself, a time to reconnect and relish stress.
Naya X.
Yes and no, its not embarrassing to want to do sports and take care of yourself, and i think your family would appreciate seeing you taking care of yourself and your body. But im a private person so i prefer to do it alone, so when all of my family is doing something, i go to my bedroom and do a little workout
Carrie O.
I typically exercise by myself in my bedroom, after my husband has left for work for the day. But I used to exercise in front of my kids all the time, and my youngest would often join in! 😄 It definitely sets a good example for them!
Tanko C.
No. My family shares bodywork activities. But to be true I ashamed being see in strange poses in the morning. Or making strange noise. So I would prefer lonely place to gym
Eugene J.
Yes and no. In the beginning it can definitely be awkward. Eventually it’ll become more “normal.” However, you can always do it outside, or in another room, if it makes you truly uncomfortable. Personally I think it more appropriate to work out in front of family rather than going to a public gym and doing it around people you don’t even know. Granted you’ll probably only cross paths with them once or twice unlike family. Family should understand that you’re trying to better yourself, you’re striving for a healthy you, a goal in your life you want to achieve. It’s not strange; it’s life.
Hui Jen Y.
A LITTLE HAHAHA I TOT I WAS THE ONLY ONE but uh well it’s healthy my dad goes jogging in the morn and my family sleeps in so it’s mostly fine but honestly it’s for ur body so issok
Acilino A.
I dont exercise in front of my family because my friends and brother will say I'm doing it wrong or that I don't need to exercise but I think I do.
Tabetha Z.
Honestly it’s kinda embarrassing when I workout in front of family and I realize when i do I don’t give my best effort, so I recommend waking up early and working out before everyone’s up so you can give yourself the full effort you deserve!!