How do you make smart choices for your health?

Melissa A.
I always have healthy options available in the house. This makes it easier to snack on the better options rather than the more unhealthy option. I try to educate myself on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. If you have the knowledge of how nutrition and exercise helps your body and mind then you are more likely to take up those options and habits. Without the knowledge you are simply doing things because you have heard they are good for you but you donโ€™t know the true benefit. For my mind I meditate, I do this any spare moment I have in the day. I find rather than locking in a set time and making it stressful to reach that time, I just notice that I have a free moment and my mind should come first. Other than meditating getting out of the house is great as well.
Cory P.
Swap high sugar for nuts and savoury snacks , eat lots of vegetables salad with lean white meat as much as possible. Also eat fish twice a week including an oily fish like salmon or mackerel . Drink lots of water eat lots of fruit. Drink wine instead of beer and no calorie mixer with your spirit. Hope this helps you. ๐Ÿ™‚
Bodhi I.
Before making any permanent choices about my health, I learn from all the sources about that then check if I can easily adapt that choice or not without making things complicated and hard.
Cheyanne P.
I have started "legalizing" foods I normally don't allow myself to eat. Foods such as ice cream, chips, sugary coffee drinks, have long been on my Do Not Eat list, but that's never worked for long. Whenni get stressed or upset or even really happy, these are the first foods I turn to to celebrate or wallow. I've found that by allowing myself to have these things regularly, I don't binge on them emotionally and I don't scarf them down like it's my last meal. Moderation is so much easier when that little voice in my head isn't saying "Better eat up! You won't be able to have this for a while."
Angie C.
I do a lot of research into what I need to do and how and the benefits and proof that it will work through recommendations and advice
Samata F.
It might sound strange but actually if you listen to your body you can make healthier choices, it means looking at how your body feels ,is it showing any symptoms etc. Hope this helps you. Have a very good day
Kaley X.
I try to approach every day with mindfulness. Making good decisions for my health eases my depression symptoms and helps me feel normal.
Yannis N.
It happens when a circle is over.When you carefully observe which thoughts and activities bring you down and hold you back!!!!