I hate getting sweaty early in the morning and then having to shower and get ready from scratch. What do you do?

Thibaut Z.
Try to do a workout that gets your heart rate up, but not too intense where you have to shower in the morning. I usually like to stretch in the morning so I don’t have to shower in the morning. Showering is best at night. 🙂
Konul Z.
For not sweating i am doing just yoga in the morning.My hard exercises is for afternoon because i am free that time and have time to sweat and have a relaxing shower
Rose B.
I have the same problem this is what I do I would have a nice shower in the morning then before I go to bed I have a nice calm shower and it calms me down ready for bed and when I get out of the shower I go straight to bed because I am so calm after a shower this is what I do and it helps a lot.