Do you prefer exercising in the morning, afternoon or evening? And why?

Adreen U.
I used to like exercising in the morning because it gets it out of the way and you feel you did something productive already to start off the day. However, I've found it easier to exercise in the afternoon. I feel there is less pressure when choosing to exercise in the afternoon. Mornings simply pressure me to do something early and afternoons are more my "lazy" or relaxed style
Miti F.
I am a night person so I workout at night. I can do the workout more diligently and I don’t have to specially get up early in the morning to do it. That becomes like an extra task to complete another task – exercise. So I feel better to workout at night, hence I choose that time. One should do the workout which suits their mood, schedule and body
Nayeli S F.
I prefer to do my workouts in the evening because it’s better for my schedule and I take showers at night rather than the morning. I say do your workouts at whatever time fits your schedule and if you schedule changes, change the time you do your workouts! The evening is just my preference .