Does anyone do exercises from other sources or are Fabulous members supposed to stick with the exercises scheduled in the Fabulous lineup of scheduled routines that seem to be specially designed for Fabulous team member usage?

Morris Z.
I do Madfit's dance workouts cause I find regular exercise extremely boring. I do yoga to cool down, and try going for walks 3-5 times per week. Works I'd say.
Felix T.
I think it depends on what works best for you! If you prefer the Fabulous routines, go for those. But if they don't feel right for you, find something that does.
Lauren S.
I use workouts from all different sources. YouTube, firebird, fabulous, amazon prime, whatever gets the job done. As long as you're exercising then you're on track.
Neha T.
I personally do exercises that are on youtube. It all depends on what you want. If you think you can do more than what you're already doing go for it. If the fabulous workouts are enough for you, you can stick to them. Remember it's your body and you understand your body more than anyone else. Also make sure not to overwork your body and get enough rest so your muscles can heal
Salwa F.
Well it depends on you if you want fabulous workouts or any other workout from other sources but I stick to my own workout which I did long time ago and I wanna get back to my routine it works very well for me but it depends on your choice.
Alayna R.
Well when you stick with one schedule/ routine you are more to succeed and get it done when you stick with that one thing. It’s easier to do because you then know what to do everyday.
B J.
I never ever ever use the workouts they suggest, it’s too much to pay for at the moment.
I personally use Workout Women, it’s a primarily free workout app that is AMAZING!
Brittney J.
I don't think that you have to use them, it's your choice. I have a workout dvd to use for my exercise time. If you need some inspiration or a jumpstart, you could use it for that as well.
Gem N.
Do you want to feel free and healthy or ask yourself if you like the exercises you have been given. If it doesn’t fire us up for sure I seek what will. Are you excited using weights or Bodyweight? If it is weights mix in a cardio exercise between. I do the same thing for a fortnight then I’ll swap half of my dumbbell exercise. NOTE: Consistent is the only way
Carolena N.
any exercise is great! it actually might be more beneficial to go on youtube to find exercises because there is so much more variety and you can cater it to exactly what you need. of course the fabulous exercises are great but you don’t necessarily stick to only them, especially because there isn’t a huge variety.
Eliza Y.
Fabulous members most certainly do not have to stay with the fabulous exercises. You can do whatever you feel suits your needs, it’s that you’re doing something that matters. The exercises suggested by fabulous are more for users who may not exercise regularly don’t have any sort of exercise routine.
Andrea W.
Do whatever feels comfortable to you is my best advice. Someone once told me to make the change so small you can’t not do it and it helps to form habits. So if all you do everyday for a week is one push up it’s still something.
Joless N.
i have another app that i use to do some exercises during the week, i have already had this app and i think that it fits me well, but of course you can change exercises and do whatever makes you feel happier 🙂 im not into gym stuff so i use this app to do some additional crunches or squats but i simply do stretching every morning because it makes me feel ready for the day
Joel E.
I use youtube. Personally the fabulous exercises are to short. I prefer a thirty minute workout compared to a nine minute one. But if your in a hurry but need some exercise the fabulous workouts aren't the worst but I don't find myself using them very often.
Cody E.
whenever i exercise i always look on youtube for workouts that help me reach my goals. so while you can stick with the ones fabulous is giving you, you can also look for ones more specific to your body goals or just movements that make you feel good. AND MAKE SURE TO STRETCH!
Filippa X.
The point is to make exercising a habit. It doesn't matter which exercises you make. I personally have had days, where I simply go for a quick jog, instead of using any apps.
Hannah F.
I think it’s fine either way. I have an app for yoga and I know someone else on fabulous who has a workout app. It’s really about what works for you! Good luck!
Gabriel Y.
As this is a new habit for me, when I do exercise in the morning, I get on my gazelle.
It is so easy and convenient. I set it to 20mins, crank the tunes and off I go!!
Albenise P.
I don’t use the Fabulous exercises, instead when I work from home I do a short 15-20 minute yoga programme in the morning (by Karin Dimitrovova, I can really recommend it), alternatively go for a walk to get some fresh air. When working from the office, I bicycle to work, and then that counts as my workout (I don’t also walk or do yoga). What really helps me make the morning exercise stick is to do something that is part of a routine (like bicycling to work), that is easy (like walking) or that does not require a lot of time (like a short yoga session). Hope that helps 🙂
Tom F.
Actually….. Your "exercises" aren't really good only 8 mins of exercising is not enough for a 16 yo old… It's better if they cycle run or jog instead you have to change it and instead of mins you can change it to kilometres…. atleast after they r doing with 10 km the thing is over
I don't know if you will change anything 🙁 butthis is the reply
Paul E.
Yes, anyone does exercise from other sources including me. But Fabulous app helps me to stay on track, other sources will helo you build more habits but having Fabulous makes us more stay focused in our habits.
Revolution M.
Hello! So I personally think that you should keep it simple. Don't think it too much, use whatever you find more comfortable for you and you might try different routines and decide which one fits you more. Follow your path my fellow.
My best wishes, Bastián
Simon U.
Fabulous does have their resource of exercises, but you can of course use any other source you like! I personally use the Morning/Evening Yoga Movement playlists by Yoga with Kassandra, they're available for free on YouTube.
Jack S.
I like to do whatever I feel like! For example, this morning I went for a lovely 20 minute walk. Make it sustainable for you!
Jioannys E.
I don’t actually stick to the Fabulous line up. For me, I used to be huge on working out. Basically day after day for years. But then I stopped and found that getting back into it was nearly impossible. I recommend that you start small and work your way up. Stretch before hand always and do low intensity work outs. Maybe running or a YouTube video. You can find many by searching up just that “low intensity workout”. Pinterest has many good ones too or even just looking them up on Google. You can also find many workouts that increase gradually. One week may start easy, then the next will be a little harder, then the next even harder. There are many sources you can use that aren’t just Fabulous, even though we love Fabulous. The important thing is to find what works for you.
Prana Z.
You don't have to stick with doing only the exercises on the Fabulous app. You can do any exercises you like as long as it is healthy and beneficial for you. Personally, I use a different app for my exercise routine.
Keira Y.
I normally walk or run for 8 minutes on my treadmill, but if I’m sore or want to switch up my routine I’ll do one of the fabulous workouts.
Lucinda U.
I use some exercise's off of Pinterest and schedules too. I also look up certain exercises if I’m looking to target a certain area, but I do use the Fabulous ones too.
Kay P.
I do Piyo and also follow the Transform You Fitness program. Since I’m still on those programs, I haven’t checked out the Fabulous exercises yet, outside of one stretching routine which was very nice
Gundolf T.
Nah I use lots of other apps, I have never used the fabulous ones. I have used headspace, done yoga and stretching, gone for a walk.
Gregory F.
If you are exercising. And already have an exercise routine. All you have to do is change it slightly to fit the goals of the fabulous app. Just slightly, at least that's what I did.
Levi T.
I prefer doing my exercises from outside sources because I have already learnt what works for me there. But I will try doing the in-app ones to someday to compare.
Eli U.
Fabulous can help grow athleticism in a segment of society that may feel extremely.stressed and needs that little pick me up, so partnering with youtubers or Fitbit content creators might now be a waste of time. However, the chill aspect of this app really helps for existing fragile therapy enviornments or toxic home/work environments.
Rafael E.
No I don't use the exercise things that fabulous recommends because I really don't like strength training in the morning. Instead I cycle to school end work every day. This way I exercise while enjoying my surroundings and it gives me a chance to properly wake up
Gianna N.
If people want to they can change their routines if it doesn’t work, but the best way to keep a habit is to practice everyday and not change much things.
Mar Lia E.
Personally i use different sources as it is better for me, but regularly i do use what fabulous set up just so i have different things to do.
Gabby P.
Personally I do not believe in only using one source to exercise, I think you should be free to use whatever app, site or maybe even in person workouts work best for you! If you find some workouts that make you feel accomplished and work for your schedule and where you live than go for it, it took me over 2 years of trying out different work outs before I found the perfect ones for me that encouraged me to keep going every day, or maybe every second day for you! In conclusion I say do what ever makes you feel like it is worth your time, maybe it’s the ones provided by fabulous, maybe it’s one you found on YouTube? Do what you like 🙂
Mikkel X.
Well i truly think that some people do exercises from other sources too but i would recommend Fabulous cause it has so many things and also has exercises with a normal timer and that stuff so yeah i also think that Faboulous has a scheduled routine for new people and Faboulous membership😘
Ella U.
I do pilates and dance from youtube (I allready did it before I started too use the app, so I just keept doing it afterwards). I just hope that it is okey to do that insted.
Kendall I.
I typically do exercises from other sources as well as taking my dog for daily walks. I think it depends on what someone is looking to get out of their exercises that ultimately determines what they want / should use.
Pandorra F.
I personally do the yoga exercises suggested by Fabulous, but anyone should do what exercises they feel they fit them. To each of their own.
Rachel Y.
Atm I actually am just focusing on hitting 10K steps before any other form of exercises but there are loads of resources out there even youtube!
Celestine B.
I personally do whatever I want. I mostly rock climb as my exercise on Thur-Sun and do light workouts (walking, light resistance training) Mon-Wed
Jalyn F.
I think what Fabulous offers is great, but personally I follow my own routines. I believe it targets what you think you need more specifically and gives a sense of responsibility.
V Ctor O.
No, or pherhaps it is because i am not an premiun user, but i have my own workout schedule out of the app (and the app one). I recommend the same so you dont feel ashame of you skip a day.
Rose G.
If your comfortable with the choices they gove you, your good to go. But if your not comfortable, you can try your own as long as you still keep it as a routine.🙂
Greta Z.
I do exercise from different sources. I think the combo is good to have a little balance and not feel like a slave to routine!
Ida P.
Well it depends, first of all i love boxing and i was training boxing before i started using Fabulous. I dont think that you must use Fabulous as your trainer and your guide if you already have something, then Fabulous is there just to remind you about exercising. On the other side if you are new Fabulous will give you nice begging workout, that you should follow until you grow stronger.
Aa Y.
No , it's up to you , you can go to gym , exercise with your friends , on your own .
The idea is exercising , not using fabulous exercise !
Neila Z.
I learned some exercise routines / safe movement patterns and stretches on other apps and YouTube. Now when I do exercise time with Fabulous, I do the other routines from memory while the timer counts down in fabulous. Another option is to hit pause or snooze on exercise in Fabulous, do your other exercise routine with an app or YouTube, then come back to fabulous and restart the the timer here. Either hit the check to end it (since your done) or do something else productive while it counts down. Sometimes I'll do that, and stretch/walk/meditate/cook while Fabulous is in the forefront counting down. The important part is that you're actually getting the exercise, and building the new habit/routine.
Andi J.
The App’s exercises aren’t necessarily always right for you, depending on various factors, and that’s okay! You should find a way of moving that you love and stick with that. The app’s exercises tend to be good for starting out or doing shorter workouts- it’s handy but you’re definitely more than welcome to do some other exercises/routines that might fit you better.
Ivo A.
I try to take it easy,right now i am tryin to do 3 exercises,1_calf raises 2_ levitating push ups 3_ begining of handstand, at first i started with calf but now i am doing all of them, i use chris heria for my exercises, thanks to your app now i can make new habits and controll my exercise routines and progress, thank yall
Gilly F.
I put my favourite music on and do a combination of dance and stretching. Other times, just go for a walk. I do have some other exercise apps and may dip into them in the future once the habit of exercise is established. I am looking forward to exploring the Fabulous exercise routines too, but not quite ready yet.
Yomerly E.
I personally do exercises outside of what Fabulous offers me to do, but you have the option to either follow the exercises on Fabulous or not.
Mad N.
You're not supposed to just stick with the built in exercises.
I sometimes use them but I also use another app that has some good yoga exercises.
Just go with what works for you.
Sometimes I would even go
with just some streches and basic moves on my own when I don't have time.
Vivek G.
Not sticking to the scheduled exercises . I have chosen my own set of exercises that includes a mix of yoga stretch running dancing , whatever I feels like. It's just 10-15 minutes of exercises. Choose whatever you feel like doing .
Lily Z.
You Can Use Alot of sources Like Apps, websites, media and more. The fabulous is for habits and if u want to develop then u can use the app
Dhanya N.
They mostly do it from other sources because the exercises are too hard or too easy. It's not compulsory to stick to the exercises scheduled in the fabulous line up.
Stacey Y.
While I think the program has excellent exercise routines, I also believe it is important to try other methods as well. Not all things work for all people. Each of us has to find our own niche when it comes to exercise. I find that I am more of a strength trainer but I also like to take walks outdoors – sometimes fast for good cardio, and sometimes slow and easy to take in my surroundings and find peace. It really is not a one size fits all program. That’s why it’s great to have the option to tailor it to your own needs.
Homa X.
I don't think it's a must. I normally use this app:
You can focus on one area each day. Neck and shoulder, back, core, etc.
Gustav Z.
It depends on how much time I have. When I have a bit more time than usual, I’ll go for a walk. Otherwise I’ll do one of the shorter workouts that are available in the app
Laura Z.
I usually do whatever exercises I know I can stick with for myself! Usually I go for a walk/light jog because it’s simple for my schedule and I know I can keep up with it! So I would say, do whatever you feel is best for your routine, whether that means doing the Fabulous exercises or doing your own!
Lisa N.
I love peloton’s yoga classes! If you just use the app it isn’t as expensive as the bike membership. I think 6.99 a month which is worth it for personal health 😊
Judith U.
I like to use YouTube workout videos, do some at work and on my days off I walk my dog so I try to vary it so I don't get bored
Sander U.
I think that if this something you’ve never done before than start out by sticking with exercises are here and then you can add other ones from different sources.
Yav N.
having already set up exercise routines i prefer, i don’t personally use fabulous’s workouts. but i’m pretty sure people who haven’t done the same as me would enjoy them.
S A.
There’s no rule that we have to only follow fabulous routine! Do exercises that you can look forward at the start of every day, something which makes you feel energetic, and happy! Let it be dance, yt workouts, fabulous workouts or anything elsee!! Whatever can get you moving in the morning. It’s upto you.
Liam E.
For starters, I suppose members should stick with exercise schedules from Fabulous. Myself has been routinely exercising before using Fabulous and know well about my body so, I stick to my usual exercise schedule.
Lewis N.
I get mine from an outside source as I feel I can tailor it more towards what I want to work on rather than a generalised approach as no matter how much data and accuracy you have you still can’t compete with someone knowing themselves that they need to work on a specific bit
Daryl Q.
Hello I personally use other sources to exercise but I use fabulous to schedule my time and help improve my life and have a better routine
Si N F.
If I'm being honest, I tried out the exercises on here and I personally didn't like them. I just did my workouts and made sure to check it off. As it is still exercise just not what they showed me.
Daniela P.
If you find an outside source that works for you, go for it! Everyone is different so find what works best for you, if you think you can get a good outcome with fabulous then stick with it, but its really up to you, goodluck 🙂
Harvey A.
YouTube is always a great place to find exercises for all sorts of people. Just search up “best exercises” or “full body work out” with no equipment and you should find a lot. I like the 20 minute workout with no equipment by the channel BullyJuice the best. There’s no fluff, no ads, no coaxing you to subscribe, he doesn’t even talk, he just gets right into it so it’s perfect if you’re no nonsense let’s work out type of person!
Shelly C.
Exercises which Fabulous contain are super easy to start doing. Sports are my weakness and I used to avoid it always. But it is amazing choice of Fabulous team to make some short programs RIGHT below "done" button. I really don't like to excercise, thinking about to skip a day, but then I see a one-minute workout and like "yeah I can do this tiny little thing". I know I can do just that, but every time I feel myself more energized and determined to do 7-minute workout. Thank to you, Fabulous team, I did excercises for 4 days in a row.
Whisper V.
Definitely try all kinds! Fabulous is, as far as I can tell, a guided exploration towards finding what works for you. If what works for you is the samples they've provided, awesome! If not, equally awesome!
Maxwell U.
I think it should be up to you. I personally set an exercise goal in the morning and evening so if I find a time once throughout the day to lift weights, do yoga, go for a walk, etc… then I’ve accomplished my goal for the whole day. Something is an improvement from nothing. Hope this helps! Ü
Octaviano Q.
Hello. I do it from youtube or just what feels good for me that day. Listen also to your body. It cam help to find the right way for your exercise for that day. Good luck.
Osmar S.
I personally use one of the apps from Leap Fitness Group. They're really popular and the best thing about them is, that there are so many options. You'll find exactly what you need. I for example haven't been exercising for the longest time. And just realised how weak I'd get. I really needed some exercise, but didn't know where to start. Most of the Fabulous exercises were still too tough for me to start with. So I downloaded Workout for Women: Fit at Home. There's even some easy two minutes workouts, like "Office Workout" which is pretty much only some easy stretching to relieve your muscles. They have many apps for men, women or both, and many more things. I personally would recommend, if you are not sure where to start. You can download it on Google Play for free.
Hope this helps. Good luck with your new lifestyle! ❤
Katie C.
Hello! I use a yoga wake up video on YouTube and a workout video on YouTube! I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t use the fabulous ones it’s just not what I started out doing!
Yana F.
When it comes to exercising one should be free to do whatever they want. It is they’re body and they should do what feels bets with it. I personally don’t look from anywhere when I exercise, I simply do what I want and feel like. People shouldn’t have to follow what is give if they don’t want to.
Ebony Z.
I do a 10 minutes Yoga with Adriana from Youtube every morning, but it doesn't just have to that, I like to incorporate my own moves, such as a back exercise that my chiropractor prescribed to me. But if yoga isn't for you then a simple walk is fine or dances.😊
Gesche F.
Well I just do a couple of push ups because I don't really like exercises in the morning when I have to go somewhere. So I think you can do any exercises you want to.
Ava R.
I’ve never used the fabulous work out routines. I have my own routines that suit me. I’d imagine if the goal of this platform is to help build healthy habits, with their providing resources to assist that, then those resources are optional. Doing the workout is what matters. Any workout.
Abd Nago A.
Fabulous member so are supposed to stick with the exercises scheduled in the Fabulous lineup of scheduled routines that has been specially designed for Fabulous team member usage
Lola Y.
I actually started exercising prior to joining the fabulous family and have just started a habit in the morning of going and checking it off
Albert O.
I did exercise before I began fabulous, so I kept doing what I was doing on YouTube. If you are stuck, I would highly recommend Pamela Reif as she has so many different workouts for anyones preference! Have fun x!
Angela T.
Move however feels good to you. When you find something you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick with it. I do a combination of streaming workouts through Daily Burn and walking the dog.
Lillie O.
A person should be able to do exercise from other sources as well as sometimes a person may like doing zumba and not muscle training. He/She can achieve his/her goal through that also
Emma Y.
i use an app called ‘seven’ for my workouts. it’s kinda restricted on what you can do, there’s only one free workout but it’s a full body one so it’s pretty good! there’s also live workouts every hour with different workouts. they are all seven minutes long. it tracks your progress as well and tells you how many calories and minutes you have done in a week or forever! i highly suggest it. hoped this helped 🙂
Fay T.
I personally use other routines, mostly from youtube! I don't think there's any inconvenience in case you use other resources.
Secretly N.
I believe that fabulous is first and foremost just a guidance, that you can definitely use other exercises if they work better for you, but I do think that it's best if you do integrate them into the daily routines in fabulous, so that the app can keep tracking your progress and giving you feedback.
Vilar N.
I personally do my own workouts I find on YouTube by my favourite trainers. I don't really follow Fabulous workouts but you can always follow them! If you want to try something other than the workouts Fabulous has you can try workouts from Lily, Pamela or Chloe (my personal favourite trainers) I currently do this Chloe's workout to lose weight. You can search it on YouTube!
Ria N.
I have been doing my own thing. I use the headspace app and follow a yoga tutorial. Or I get on my exercise bike for 10min in the morning. Those are the things I know I can stick with and do, so I’m focusing on those exercises.
Amber N.
I personally do YouTube workouts because I like them more; so if that’s what you’re asking then yes I do. You don’t have to use the fabulous workouts unless you want.
Denise N.
Actually yeah i have and my question is that why does not faboulous hasnt any other habit for people in the day like for example:do your homework or stuff like that and can you fix that please?
Cheyenne C.
You should do whatever exercises work best for you! That can be stuff on or off the platform. I personally only do exercises recommend from my doctor.
Onofre B.
I just find some workouts on tiktok or youtube. Didn't even know that Fabulous had exercises, thanks for letting me know 🙂
Calista J.
I mix what I do so so sometimes I use the fabulous workouts and other times I do YouTube workouts or Zumba or even just dance for as long as the timer is going on for.
Farah A.
Those routines (morning, afternoon, and evening ones) are really great and this application reminds me to do them and that great too
Aline W.
I think that it's pretty much up to you. The Fabulous plans are nice because they provide an actual regiment, but as long as your not neglecting or pushing one area more than the rest and that you're comfortable with your exercises is the important part.
Sander C.
Yes! I do exercises outside of fabulous. I find the ones here too short a duration for me. I do exercises from YouTube thar are longer and focus on one body part at a time. That way Mt body recovers in sections instead of feeling sore all over.
Sara T.
No, I use other external apps to do my daily exercises! I’ve a personalized routine with gym exercises four times a week and yoga every morning
Tobias E.
I do plenty of exercise not included in the 'Fabulous lineup' as I'm on the free version and don't have access to those features. I think it's totally fine to do whatever type of exercise feels comfortable, challenging and enjoyable for YOU.
Jasmine N.
Hi, I usually use another app for do exercise cause in that there are more things that made me execise better. I think you just have to do sport, if you do by another app or by Faboulus it’s the same.
Naomi O.
You don’t need to use the fabulous exercises. I have other apps that I use for fitness and stretches. This app just gets you into habits so that they become part of a routine to better your mental and physical health
Romique Y.
I actually do exercises from other sources, some of which are YouTube and Pinterest. I don’t know if we are supposed to stick with just those of Fabulous and I didn’t even know they had exercises up until like 2 days ago, so…
Moana B.
I usually just do light stretching and exercise of my own accord or follow a YouTube video. I don’t really want to use the pre prescribed ones and I don’t think it matters which you choose so long as you enjoy it and get your workout done
Alejandra Z.
I mean, you can use any source to find exercises that make you feel comfortable. There is no obligatory need to stick to what is told to you; you do you as long as it makes you happy!
Matt Q.
I actually have never used fabulous exercises, I didn't even know there were (???) I think you should do what makes you feel better.
Jacob E.
I do Yoga with Adriene, free on YouTube. She has a monthly calendar so I don’t need to think about what video to do each day. In January she will have a new 30 days of yoga that will start out easy and progress. I’ve been doing it off and on since the pandemic started. She has a nice way about her.
Alex P.
The short answer; yes, or at least I do. There's tons of information online about exercises for pretty much every level of experience and body type, and it never hurts to find new or better exercises to improve or maintain your physical health.

The long answer; Exercise is different for everyone, from the reasons we do it to how much we enjoy (or loathe) it. When Fabulous first added exercises to my routine, I already had some experience and fitness regimens I was able to tap back into. That doesn't mean you should ignore the suggestions or exercises Fabulous gives you, but it's important to think about why you're doing them.

If the goal is to simply stay active and maintain overall good physical health, then there probably isn't a big need to search for new exercises or routines to try. However, if you have a specific goal in mind or want to round out the kind of exercise you do, then it would probably be a good idea to search for new (or maybe even forgotten) exercises to compliment your routine.

The most important thing to remember is to take things one step at a time, so if you decide to add or change your fitness routine, don't overburden yourself. Work up to your comfort level and make sure you have the time and space you need to do the exercise you want. Or at least, the exercise you think will be most beneficial to you.

Nadi F.
I think any form of exercise is fine, I usually do a kettlebell workout everyday and rest on saturday which works for me.
Siti Z.
I personally do both, and in my opinion it's completely up to you, as long as you're able to make a habit out of it and it gets you moving, I don't see a reason to do neither/limit your options
Baptiste Q.
I do my own exercises, but I really enjoy exercising and so the fabulous exercises are not difficult enough for me. If you haven’t exercised before then I would start with theirs and move into harder stuff when you’re ready.
Dora P.
tbh i have my own routine. it's okay to find something else other than the exercises on fabulous. you should find something that fits you the most. we are all different
Sofia V.
i'm fairly sure you're supposed to do whatever works best for you. i think fabulous provides some options for you to consider, but if you don't like them / like something else better i believe you can feel free to use that instead.
Yomerly E.
I have used exercise sessions from platforms outside of Fabulous. So, you don't have to use the exercises from Fabulous if you don't want to.