I tend to go to the gym and do long workout sessions. It becomes this big deal. How can I get in there and out really fast?

Lucas C.
You can plan at least 2 days a week of just doing a simple workout, something where you won’t feel as tired after but a bit energized instead. Just start with 2 days and do a bit more till hopefully you can do a slower lighter workout whenever you want a break but still want to exercise! Hope this helps in some way
Abssil O P.
well, concisely since i can go on for hours, i prefer to do very light weighted exercises, and progressively make the weight or resistance harder and heavier. i start by taking 30–60 minutes to warm myself up (jog, yoga, biking, elliptical, etc), however you’d like and then move into some weight training and then finally ending with a stretch and yoga. it should work efficiently and effectively and show results very quickly!
Leonard Z.
I can't seem to be excited at all for working out. I could say i hate it. What should i do to make it more exciting or fun?
Debbie T.
By putting my workout clothes near me in the night before so that I can access them easily in the morning and be motivated to go to the gym as setting time blocks so that I don't spend a lot of time in the gym .
Gina Q.
Make sure to set goals beforehand that you have to complete, and then estimate the time these goals will take. Ask an employee or another gym user to remind you of the time. Getting reminded by others is usually more convincing than a simple alarm or timer, especially if you also explain your reasoning.
Nanna G.
I think that it’s great that you are heading to the gym, so well done for that! I would recommend doing very very tense workouts and to challenge yourself to equal the length of time you’d usually do in the longer sees
Katie T.
I do yoga. I find that the fluid movements help keep my muscles limber. And when you can get the poses just right they’ll also help to strengthen and lengthen in your body
Alexander R.
Just stay focused and do what you are there to do and maybe go by your self because I jnow that other people slow me down
Sara U.
Narrow your breaks after every set and lower the tension in order to complete your program. Or you can make a program with less exercises
Maya C.
You just have to set your mind to what you are trying to do. If you want to get in and get out, set goals for yourself to have certain things done at certain times. Really focus on the time.
Alexander W.
Grateful is a synonym for thankful. Being greatful is saying thanks in your mind to something that can bring you happiness, health, love. It means appreciating the little things that make a big difference in our lives. That's how we can be greatful
Rachel P.
Try to limit yourself to only a small amout of time for each exercise, like only 15 minutes on a treadmill or stuff like that.
Jessie J.
If you're looking to restrict your gym time, one of the first things you should do is to take your time writing down your favourite machines and routines. From this list, carefully cross out any that you want to keep as is, while leaving ones you're worried about. Think about how much time you spend doing them, then focus on the ones you spend the longest on and set those to 2 minute sessions. The next ones being 5 minutes only. Next pick a 15-30 minute routine for every gym session you go to, with a hand-written list of your new schedule that lists the things you plan to do on that day. Make sure to vary it for each session while keeping your new timetable/schedule system to 15-30 minute sessions. Slowly but surely, you will start to feel more comfortable with the reduced time in the gym. If it's still too much of a jump, extend your session to 45 minutes or even an hour if i feels too short for your first time. I hope this advice helps you out!
Clara A.
Myslím že ja by som tam šla normálne pretože každý tam chodí na to aby cvičil alebo zhodil váhu a predsa na to je posilovňa nie?
Maddison U.
I don't know. I don't go to gym. Here, in Ramat Gan, there are some sport trenage equipment installation, and I go there every day in my nightly walk. There, I usually do not spend more than 15 minutes
Leslie O.
well that’s really up to you. if it’s affected your schedule then I reccomend maybe doing less reps of each thing. going fast wont help you build muscle.
Corentin Y.
I never really liked the gym. Depending on your objectives, have you considered including exercise on your daily routine in different ways like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going places by foot/bicycle instead of other means of transportation? That way you could maybe skip the gym altogether! If you take the pressure out of the exercise, you might even find yourself enjoying it!
Adam A.
What I do is to keep the prep time very short; put on gym clothes in 30 secs, make one-two gym routines that you can switch between for atleast a month before coming up with something new, mine is 5 min stretching, 10 min cardio (1 machine) , 15 min weight lifting / other (3 machines). Then I have 5 min shower. Basically limit the steps in your routine & limit the machines you use to 4 max. try it out! 🙂
Jessie T.
You can make a Playlist for exactly how long you want to be in the gym. Once the playlist is finished, you leave. I do it with my morning routines.
Silke W.
Do breakfast on regular base . Take 2 Dates and 1 banana . Exercise daily , walk long as you can , last but not least move your body and at night sleep properly
Selim O.
You could make a short playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it while you workout. When the playlist is over, it will remind you to stop or take a break.
Amanda O.
idktbh I'm an all or nothing sort of person really. kinda make hay while the sun shines. I suppose give yourself a window and stick to it. I think it's better with gym work to work slower and more,,, what's the word? focused ? but if you want to get done quicker then give yourself a time frame, cut down your reps raise your weights and stick to it. if you want to excercise in the morning you are a psycho in my opinion I enjoy my bed to much atm to give stella advice on that. its funny actually it all changed for me when I put different offerings on my alta. I noticed the pattern recently. I was up at the crack of yesterday doing sets now it's all gone to the wind. the offerings were todo with healing so I guess it's a trust the process sort of endeavor. I just had two packets of biscuits for breakfast yum!
Isobel N.
Prioritize the exercises that work for you. Create your own work out sessions for about 17 to 20 minutes long and that way, you'll have time for later activities 😀