What exercise do you do first thing in the morning for 8 minutes?

Alfred J.
Drink 3 cups of h20, warm up for 5 minutes, walking around the house, then I go to my room, take out my yoga mat, and start sun salutation, I do 5 sets of breathing thru the movement of each pose.
Hannah P.
I have decided to go beyond the goal and do half an hour every morning. I have started doing Pamela Reif's workouts according to her weekly workout plan. Her plan consists of focusing on certain areas of the body each day with 2 rest days.
Divyansh F.
I removed it from my morning routine . It is enought to get out of bed and go to kitchen for a glass of water and then get in bathroon for brush teeth. And then go to bed and drink tea. My morning is my worst time of day. I generally go to market much times. I add exercise in my evening routine. I generally walk for a half hour in my house compund.

Thanks for asking me again.

Kendyl Y.
I like to stretch for the eight minutes and do some yoga. then i move into something more complex so i go for a walk , but with a faster pace than normal, then right after that i go on a 30 minute bike ride!
Josilaine E.
I go for a walk, yoga, dance, or light weights (strength training (depending on my mood and energy level). I walk everywhere.