What do you do for morning exercise?

Nenrode E.
I love to stretch first and then do a core exercise. If I have time left I will do a 1 minute excercise to keep me moving. Lastly, I calm myself down on my own. I do a few stretches on my own and take deep breaths in to fill my lungs. I don't feel like I'm doing too much. I can't even tell I'm working out. I just see as doing something fun on my free time! Other excercises that I love is to just dance for a certain amount of time in my room. Great dancer or not, it's a great way to start your day and get a laugh out of it!
Harvey Z.
I don’t always exercise in the morning, but I am exercising everyday. I use apps and follow their short work outs. If a task is way to complicated for me I fill that time up with cardio, for example jumping jacks. I realised that 5 – 10 mins a day is far better than 30 mins once a week.
Dawn W.
I started with Fabulous 7 minute HIIT, and now I do Beachbody! Thank you Fabulous! I’m at 44 days in a row, I feel so much stronger.
Troy G.
I usually start with some stretching, then I do push-ups, squats, and other exercises. I use 30 Days Fitness Challenge app to help me shows what exercises I should do today. It's very helpful!
Andrea T.
I work out in my house with weights and a video I'm following along to. Fitness blender is my favorite workout app. I trade off between arms and legs each day. Sometimes only 10 minutes. Sometimes 20 minutes depending on how much time I have.
Eloane C.
I like to walk my dog around the neighborhood and in the park. Then if I feel physically up to it and still have time, I take her up part of the mountain by my house.
Get Lia P.
I walk my dog!!! I tried other things that were more ambitious like going to the gym and stuff, but I found keeping it simple and consistent is the only way I stay on track in the long term – a nice, pleasant exercise that you don’t dread like a quick walk is perfect 🙂
Madison Z.
For morning exercises you could do crunches, sit ups, squats, or if you want something less intense just do a lot of stretching exercises. I normally do squats (different ways), a few push ups, and also I would recommend this app called “workout women” and it has different kinds of exercises you should definitely check it out.
Anna E.
It depends on what schedule I’m on such as morning or nights, but as I found out, stretching as soon as I wake up has helped me throughout my day.
Sigrid A.
My favorite is to run, but try everything until you find something you really enjoy-that will keep you coming back for more!
Simon E.
I pair 15 minutes of strength workout—core, arms, or legs depending on the day—with a one-mile, fast-paced walk with my dogs
Manuel X.
Usually I look for something on the doyogawithme website. I tried some stretches and mobility exercises on YouTube and found them to not be as satisfying. I seem to need a mix of mindful movement and meditation.
Amelia T.
Jog. I go out into my neighborhood and jog up on street, walk to the next, jog down the next street walk to the next. If I have the time and motivation at the same time I also go to a gym and warm up with HIIT (cardio) and switch to a weight lifting sesh
Maria Z.
Morning exercise are difficult. I say this because it’s so tempting to just sleep an extra few minutes than just doing some workouts. However morning exercise are important to me especially because I’m so busy the rest of the day that I rather wake up early before the kids and start the day with full energy and a positive attitude. All because you did something for yourself.

My favorite morning exercise is yoga and a quick run. But I like alternating workouts. One day yoga and a run, the next day cardio, next day kick boxing, etc. Just have fun with it and it won’t feel like work.

Remember one thing: don’t start this unless you get a good nights sleep. Very important. Don’t cheat yourself out of a good night’s rest, only to hate your new morning routine and continue your day with an exhausted and grumpy attitude.

After a good nights rest and a positive workout, eat a hearty healthy breakfast to complete your morning.

Good luck!

Abby F.
I start everyday with breathing and stretching. I think its basically yoga but I don’t know enough about true yoga to categorize it as that. Don’t underestimate the breathing as exercise. Its incredibly powerful to your overall health to strengthen your diaphragm in my opinion.
Then I will hop into 30-60 mins of HIIT or steady state cardio.
Capucine O.
I do a class or go to the gym most mornings – having regular commitments means I do it automatically and removes the should I /shouldn’t i process. On other days I do a 8 minute yoga routine as I can do it at home.
Marcia J.
I don't exercise in the morning unless it's my days off but I'll usually go to the gym and do a little bit of cardio and then do weight training.
Paul E.
I will start the exercise by running for then to fifteen minutes. Then I go to my yoga studio and do seven different exercises thimes two. I got these exercises form my PT. And it’s specifically for helping my back problems.
Alison E.
I personally love variety, so I mix my morning yoga with some body weight exercises, morning walks, and hiking/stairs, depending on the day. What’s been helping me a lot since the Fabulous app is actually keeping the low expectations of 8 min a day, and doing the exercises more throughout the day, instead of feeling like you have to set aside a full 30-60 min all in one go…a busy life makes that much harder to achieve. Hope that helps!
Olivia W.
I use free weights to loosen up my neck and back which have been giving me trouble recently. Only 3 sets of 3 excericises but I do do it every weekday and it is having a culmslative effect
Courtney U.
An easy 10min yoga flow. They have some specificity targeted for mornings and waking up your system. I literally roll out of bed drink water, go to that bathroom and hop on my mat in the dark. It is nice.
Bill O.
I like to do some stretches or yoga if I feel like I need a good stretch. I also really like to put on some music and dance while I get ready for the day. It’s nice to multitask!
Addison Z.
I’m just starting this habit. So first I’m going for 10 push-ups. If soon as that comes easy, I’ll add additional exercises to the routine
H L Na Q.
I dance for 10 minutes. I spent time putting together a high-energy, fun playlist, and I make sure to really get into it. I love the moment where I start taking off the layers of PJs that I was sleeping in, one by one, because it means I’m getting hot and sweaty!
Centa U.
Dancing. I started learning tango, and i do practicing in the morning. At the beginning i aimed to do it for one min only but then i become wholly absorbed in the music:))
Ticira A.
Usually I do Fabulous 7 minute exercise, because it's quite intensive. But actually all these exercises are good to be called Tabata workout. Check it out on YouTube. The key is to do intensive exercises in a short amount of time. Trainers says that's effective for fat burning. But be sure that your heart doesn't have any problems. Go to a doctor first.
Adam C.
This morning I tried the 7 minute workout program on this app. It was challenging for me but required little preparation. As a result i was able to successfully complete the routine while waiting for my children.
Amelia U.
Believe it or not, housework. I will clean everything in the house and this actually burns calories. A quick walk is always good. There are also 15 minute Pilates and ab videos you can workout with.
Ernst August U.
I like to put on a timer for how long I want to work out and then put on my favorite music and do random exercises I know for about 30 seconds at a time and if I can't think of an exercise I get up and dance or do jumping jacks or something. Other times you can just follow the exercises on this app or put on some music and go run for as long as possible outside or on a treadmill. If you just move you're working out and that's what matters 👍
Manuel T.
First i stretch. then i start with a slow starting up (usually jumping jacks, lunges, etc.) and then i progress and go for a run (i live on a farm so i go and run down the hill and back up) then i have a cool down (usually sit ups but push ups sometimes) and then i sit and drink a glass of water. in total, it takes me 15-45 minutes to get it all done.
Benjamin Z.
I don’t normally, but if I do it’s always something quick and light working my largest muscle groups and having a circuit type element to it.