What kind of exercises do you do in the morning?

Marilyn O.
I prefer yoga. My body can’t regulate blood sugar so I don’t do well with vigorous exercise in the morning, before I’ve had anything to eat. I prefer to do about 15 minutes of yoga and then later in the evening do some more vigorous exercise like running or weight lifting. Listen to your body and do what’s best for you!
Wilhelm U.
I walk my dog Lou Lou. Usually we just take a quick trip around the block so she can do her “business,” but I’m the mornings we take a longer walk. 10-15 minutes right now, but eventually I’d like it to be 20-25 minutes. We are walking a little further every day.
N Ris T.
I run on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. I do weight workouts on Monday and Thursday. On Saturday abd Tuesday I stretch or do something else low intensity.
Ron P.
Whatever my body is welcome to accept then push. Fancy footwork to a yoga routine to basic strength. Key is you exercise.
George O.
I walk. Sometimes the morning starts with a bit of yoga, but most of the time I go for a walk/hike. The distance depends on how I feel and the location. Anywhere from 2km’s to 10km’s a day. A little music in my ears or the sounds of nature in the background and that walk goes by quick.
Jacqueline P.
I walk (weighted) or run (distance and/sprints). I'm planning to incorporate stretches soon but my physical surroundings don't allow it right now.

Fredo J.
I spend about 10-15 minutes each morning doing sun salutations. It's an easy, accessible yoga practice, and you can do as many cycles as you like.
Amalie W.
Somedays I work my abs with an ab-roller. Others I just do calf raises until i can't. There are days where I work my glutes by clenching my buttocks together. And if I can, i like to run for cardio
John F.
Hi there, I do a combination of workout exercises/from home. The Envy series: Abs of Envy, Legs of Envy and Arms of Envy. I also try and get in 5-6km walk each day
Sharlene O.
I do CrossFit, run, or yoga. I like to change things up to stay motivated and keep my fitness well rounded. I’m also getting my bike tuned up and will add cycling in the fall.
Franz W.
I have taken inspiration for pilates and yoga, to mix exercises and poses that focus on my problem areas, like weak, hurting back and my weak arms
Sara E.
First thing in the morning, my dog needs a walk. I walk briskly around the park for 5-10 minutes while he runs around and sniffs every leaf on the ground.
Frederikke W.
im doing the yoga guided by .
you can download here
Wanda C.
I use YouTube to find Pilates workouts – they aren’t strenuous but they still push me. I aim for 15min ones mostly…5 weeks in I’m getting better!
Marjorie P.
Pushups! Checkout the hundred pushups program. It’s an easy 5-10 minute thing to stick with until the habit is built and you want to do more
Marcelina F.
Cardio! I love to run outside or on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike. Twice a week I like to lift weights or do body-weight strength work.
Margot S.
I wake up and do star jumps which is really tough to do first thing! Then I do some pec stretching and move into push ups – I'm up to 33. Then do some hip stretching.
Alice E.
I start my morning physical routine with surya namaskara followed by 2 km run, later I play a game of shuttle for half hour
Filippa U.
I usually try to stretch in the morning. But sometimes I run out of time because I didn’t plan ahead so I run in place or lightly dance while I am getting ready.
Tilo X.
Hi. For a few weeks now I have been doing sun salutation a over and over for eight minutes. I would like to continue doing that as a habit and maybe add the other sun salutations and other types of flow yoga. If I weren’t doing that, my second choice would be to jump or jog on a rebounder (mini trampoline). I’m considering getting one and then I could alternate or combine them. I just want my morning exercise to be pajama-friendly: yoga, tai chi, other martial arts, tap-dancing, treadmill, stationary bike, rower, or whatever the latest thing in home exercise equipment is. I do other kinds of exercise later in the day, but first thing in the morning i just don't want to have to put on special garb and/or go out of the house.