How did you increase your workouts routine? I mean for example if you do exercise during 1 minute each day, what allows to increase to 2 minutes 3 minutes and so on?

Rebecca P.
I’m not sure exactly but something that helps me get motivated is convincing myself that I only have one thing to do. First I say: I only have to do a meditation. Then, after that, I say: okay I can do a bit of yoga. After yoga I feel energized to do a small ab workout. Hope this helps!
Chelsea E.
Once the routine starts feeling easier add time to make it more difficult. Just don't over do it to where you hurt yourself.
Harald F.
I’m actually still surprised that it worked. But I’ve made it beyond 100 days of everyday workout, all thx to this app. They’re right about the “feel good and celebrate!” The trick I think was that I didn’t want to break the chain, plus I wanted to see how that map developed on the app and I really took a few moments to feel proud and good about myself every time I finished a workout. Also, find something that you think is fun, then it’s not torture, it’s just something to look forward to to let off steam. Try youtuber Emkfit, she’s super fun (to me). Anyway, it’s about not finding excuses and just pushing through the tiredness. Sport gives you energy! Not the other way around. Just gotta go past the hard first 10 days, then it’s much easier 🙂 good luck!!