How do you keep from being discouraged when life happens and you are not able to exercise on a given day? How do you get out of the perfectionism mind set?

Sylvana U.
If I’m sick or life just got really crazy so I don’t have time to exercise, I try not to be stressed about it. My life was pretty sedentary before I started making small changes, so any movement during the week is better than where I was. I love the perspective: I’m not where I need to be, but I’m so much further along than I used to be.
Given how crazy our lives are, perfectionism is far from my mind. I’m just super happy to be moving forward.
Masha X.
I wally dog every day and I walk to work. It's not much of am exercise but it's a start. I will slowly increase the amount of walking I do to get more exercise. And am planning on doing yoga once I get my schedule under control
Violetta C.
After many years trying to pursue perfectionism, and perfectly failing most of the time, I realized that what I need is 'punctuated perfection'. I try to do it right most of the times for a positive period, long or short doesn't matter.
Then, something happens that gets me to focusing on other matters: my effort now is to push me back on the right track as soon an possible, without blaming me of feeling guilty. Then, another good period will inevitably start.
Simply stated, accept you will be perfect in a fluctuating way, and that what is important is your positive tension to perfectionism.
Maya U.
Discouraged is for the simple minded! It is wasted energy. It is for someone playing a short game. Play full out and remember this is a long game with hills and valleys. Dont be fooled by the bad days…good days will come. Each day is new!!! If I dont exercise one day, ok…then double the effort the next day. It all plays out in the end. My vision is clear and that is what matters most! My actions may change 100 different ways to get there….the first step each day is the hardest! Make it count! Daily!
Kylie G.
To be honest I haven’t thought about that yet, whenever I can’t exercise or complete my routine I have this uncomfortable feeling, even the thought about not being able to do so makes me feel really bad, because I have this feeling that I need to complete my routine and that I need to do it right.
Carol U.
If I don't manage to exercise, I'll find something that is equally healthy but easier to replace it with at the time. Maybe even set a timer that I can't have sugary food during.
Cynthia N.
Life will always happen. It's all about what you do the next day to pick yourself up. We are not perfect,but we can strive for it. If you skip one day it's long as you exercise the next day, and maybe put in an extra effort. Your results stick on a weekly basis. If one day goes not as planned, you have before the end of the week to make it better. Then it starts all over the following week. This is a journey, not just a one day trip.
Eva S.
I take it a day at a time. With an open mind that life happens. However, I do not use that as an excuse and only fail to stick to the routine when things are totally out of my control
Stephen F.
You have to remember yourself that you are doing this to better yourself and hopefully the people you sound yourself with, and that change takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day, is a phase I like to say when I start to feel discouraged, try saying it when you start feeling discouraged or find a phase that helps remember you that thing well be okay in the end.
Zanootlee N.
Remember that there is always tomorrow, and thus another chance to exercise. Don’t stress about missing one habit, life happens and we can’t help that. Although it’s satisfying to see all the boxes ticked, it’s not necessary to live well.