How long are you sticking to this habit already? For me its teo weeks, I find it quite difficult to sustain

Suse S.
Hey! Im honestly trying to stay with this habit for as long as possible! I’ve only been going for a couple of days, so far I’m doing good, but I know there will be a time where I’ll struggle.. what’s been helping me so far is first of all know that it’s not about forexsample,working out could mean lots, just going for a walk is better than nothing drinking a small glass of water is SO much better then nothing, it doesn’t have to be so much just make sure you try to do it small and maybe some day you’ll start to go for runs and drink more water try to stay motivated friend I believe in you!<33
Ellen U.
It’s also been two weeks for me. Am just doing the small steps so it doesn’t get hard. I am working out less than 15mins every morning which is what I can handle
Shakir Z.
Okay, if it’s very hard to stick to then maybe you need to make it easier (let’s say make it take less take time, make a smaller version of it, etc.)