Does anyone do yoga as their morning exercise? If so, what kind of changes have you felt?

Marluce Q.
I'd like to know what's an easy morning exercise routine. Because I already exercise in the afternoon and I don't wanna over work myself.
Lo C T.
Overtime more flexibility in the body. Breathing has improved, along with stamina. No back issues. Less greed for food. Moderate food intake. Perhaps more patience in general. Together with running feel very energetic in the morning. Able to manage stress very well. Last two years has been stressful due to work situation.
Wilma Z.
I have a lot of issues with my back alignment and beginning my day with yoga frequently leaves me feeling as if I can actually stand taller. Not only that but I feel more centered in myself and energized.
Layla O.
I do. It's almost like a stretch and exercise all at once. I'm not fantastic at it and I did get my hands and feet tangled up in certain poses but it does make me feel ready to face the day. I'd sooner be doing yoga on a mat in my warm home than running outside in this freezing cold!
Lucien Z.
No, the 8 minute timer doesn't seem like enough time for that so I use the "scientifically proven" 7 minute workout that's provided. I've just restarted from point zero after a long depressive phase, so I've only had two mornings in a row, but I can feel my heart rate and the soreness. I view feeling sore as a good sign, so that's nice. I don't know whether that is affecting my mood. I feel like I had to feel good enough to feel up to exercise so I feel the mood is more of a prerequisite. That and I feel like exercise isn't the cause of a better mood, but the self confidence and sense of achievement that can be achieved through exercise, so other things like creative efforts can also increase your mood for the same reason. If being creative is easier or more enticing, then that might be a better starting point for some who are more intimidated by exercise.
Perry Z.
Twice a week. Better joints an muscle relaxation. Deeper felling of myself and my body. All stretching exercises are suggested at morning time. Just right after woke up. Good luck!