What are your meal prep plans, if any?

Dora Allen
I like to prep snacks, and big salads. For snacks, place the following in tupperware: a handful of snap peas, sliced radishes, baby carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and sliced peppers. Then I purchase a shareable ready-made salad, decide it into individual portions and add sliced avocados.

William Mortensen
First, I get all the kitchen supplies I need to cook and make stations. Second, I gather all of the ingredients and put them into stations. Third, I cook everything. Lastly, I prepare the food placing.

Denise Vasquez
In a morning I eat porridge and a banana, for dinner I eat chicken with rice (prepared the night before) and at tea time I cook meat or fish with rice and vegetables

Justine Martinez
Meal preparation is a ritual lets say, for me. I like to boil vegetables and sweet potatos as long as i am preparing my red meat. This is a simple but efficient example. I choose simple. I hope i helped you.

Rachel Arnold
I’ll be making my own breakfasts and lunches or dinners. For breakfasts, I’ll make whatever is cheapest, rotating between the following: egg white McMuffins; Greek yogurt, fruit, and protein powder; avocado toast; oatmeal and fruit; and protein shakes. Lunches/dinners will vary but will emphasize lean protein like beans or fish and will include fresh vegetables.

Mileu Moreira
I dont have an extensive meal prep plan but I start off with doing my shopping on a Saturday – I plan my whole weeks worth of dinners, lunches and snacks (I have the same thing for breakfast- slim shake – most days because I am pushed for time) and shop accordingly. Then on sunday I will prep the time consuming things e.g chopping veges, dicing meat etc. Then I just follow my weekly plan as best I can. I do have my partner at home helping as well though so if I didnt have him I may have more planning.

Emma Larsen
I don't like cooking, so when I do I make enough for the next few days. Rice and quinoa in particular are good to make in bulk because they are so versatile. I also like to make protein packed over-night oats so I have something to eat when I'm rushing out the door in the morning.

Anita Kelley
A bit hit and miss. If i’m busy it all goes wrong and then eat junk food. If i’n Organised I tend to eat vegan beachside I really like vegetables

Rosalyn Burke
I just try to make a couple of different items or sides that I can put together during the week to make a full meal. I try not to make set in stone meals but things that I can easily switch around. Good luck!

Suleni Da mota
I prepare food for two days, I usually chop the vegetables and store them separately for these days so when I want to eat I just toss them in the pan.

Deborah Hoffman
Actually, I need help with this too. I used to bake chicken two times a week after I got off work but I am in between jobs now and it's harder to maintain.

Emily Andersen
I schedule my meals on a weekly basis and I buy the materials from the beginning of the week. I prep my meals every day because I like freshly cooked food

Maddison Hughes
As I'm now older & both my husbands are deceased, I don't have to worry about cooking meals. So my meal prep has gotten easy. I just decide what I wish to eat for the week & make sure I have the necessary ingredients in the house. Since I only cook from scratch, I do my prep the night before if I'm eating more than fruits & vegetables. I also eat simple meats & eggs for protein. The only grains I eat are Ezekiel breads made from sprouted grains. It's incredibly easy because these are the foods I prefer!

Zoe Wheeler
First of all I am doing a list of food which one I want to buy. Then, I'm thinking what it for me fill be more healthier than buy 🌸

Mary Hart
I usually provide a checklist of the foods that I am going to have for the day. I select foods that contains high protien.

Belisário Rezende
For a start, tomorrow i want to just make oatmeal or oats (as i call it) after that maybe oats again. Wednesday i might want to feel like a change so maybe i'll try making 2 hard bouled eggs. Medium rare of course. I'll just check and make sure if there is anything i have to do with the egfs but i dont think so. Paired with these I'll make a cup of tea with only one sugar. From next week I'll try it without sugar, but for now, baby steps!

Suzanne Howell
Best time to do meal prep is Sundays for me, just set about 2-3 hours of your day for meal prepping (trust me three hours is better than cooking everyday). I buy my groceries on Friday. I usually alternate what meals I prep so I don’t get too bored of the same thing. That being said, I always try to include a large source of carbs (rice, quinoa, pasta) and some protein (chicken, salmon) since I’m trying to bulk. I make enough to have lunch and dinner for Monday to Friday. My breakfasts need little preparation so I don’t worry about that. Ok weekends, I make special meals for myself to just give myself a break from the same food. Sometimes it’s steak, other times it’s bean tacos. I try to make new meals during the weekend. And that’s how I meal prep!

Isaiah Frazier
I am on a vacation at my mothers house. The fridge and freezer are both loaded with food. The neighbors’ gardens and our gardens are loaded with food. Usually I dream something up to do with some of these ingredients in the morning and make something for the four of us starting at 5:30 pm each day.

Alison Richards
I don’t make dinner myself yet, so I plan out breakfasts and lunches for the whole next week. Then I buy all the ingredients I need for my meals at once so I don’t need to worry about going to the grocery store a lot of times per week. I only plan two meals for each day, too minimize food waste (so it could be breakfast and dinner too, if you prefer that!) Then just use what you already have in the fridge to make a lunch 😋 I personally don’t pre-make my meals for the week in boxes because I like it fresh and hot (and don’t have any problems cooking food in the morning), but if you prefer to pre-make them, you can of course do so. I also don’t plan like the same exact meals for every day of the week, because I find it super boring to eat THE SAME THING EVERY DAY, but hey, again, we’re all different 🙌🏼

Andrea Nielsen
Shop for meals on weekend. Prepare meals night before with the exception of breakfast smoothies which I make in the morning.