How often do you excercis in a week? And for how long each time?

Klaus Q.
I exercise about 3 times a week, 4 if I feel some extra energy. I dont work out everyday just to avoid getting sick, especially since the pandemic still exists. Although exercising everyday can work for you it just doesnt work for me. Also exercising only 3 times a week will guarantee that I will always have the time to exercise since its only thrice, so I wouldn't have any excuses at this point. However you can do lighter exercises each day to get the habit of it.
Brenda N.
I'm presently a university student, so my exercise is the walk from my hostel to my faculty and vice versa which is about 15-40minutes (average of 30) depending on how fast I walk. I do that five days a week (Mon-Fri), so Saturday and Sunday I just do light stretching while in bed😂
Terumi Q.
I usually do 2-3 times a week and I do for however long I can. If I am doing a workout and it’s only been 10 minutes but I don’t feel like I can go any more then I stop. If I’m working out for 30 minutes now and I can keep going I do. Listen to your body. You don’t need to be completely exhausted every time your workout is over. It’s ok to not be sweaty either. Moving is moving.
Warda A.
How often do you excercis in a week? And for how long each time?
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