How do I stay consistent with my practice?

Lucas Z.
A tip to staying consistent is to make sure you don’t push yourself too hard, as you will become burnt out very very quickly. It is also important to reward yourself for progress that you are making. It has also been very helpful to me to have someone being my support system and checking in with me daily.
Sandy N.
As humans, we are creatures of habits. You are consistent even today. However, you are consistenly doing things that are counter productive if not downright detremental for yourself. The idea is to consistently pursue the productive habits.
Lucas U.
If you have difficulty remembering your goals, try writing them down and then taping them to your bathroom mirror. This way, you're reminded first thing when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep. Also, relax and take it a day at a time. Focus on the now and carpe the heck out of this diem!
Emy S.
It really depends on what your specific habit is. The most important thing is making the habit easy and making excuses hard. I normally prefer building good habits I enjoy since they're easier to implement but sometimes you really need to implement something you don't enjoy. Mainly it happens because you dont enjoy it(like with healy eating). The main why to make it easier is to observe the habit then try "making the habit easy and the excuses hard."I made that a quote from me because I wanted to since it sounded good but still holds a lot a value. Anyway just for an example, let's say you are trying to eat healthy. Put heathly things in you house and take out unhealthy food to "make the habit easy." Then if you try to "start it tomorrow" you realize it's hard to not do it today hence "make excuses hard." I hope this helps and good luck.
Richard N.
Sleep well, daily routines, more time thanks to social network detox. More reading, more time with family, with myself 🙂
Cory P.
I learned this by reading an interview conducted with Jennifer Aniston. Appart from being a famous actress she still looks amazing at age 50 and she has always been known to hydrate and exercise. On days when you do not want to exercise, prepare for your exercise (e.g. get dressed to exercise) and then ask yourself if you REALLY dont want to exercise. If your body really needs rest, then take a break, but then you need to make and keep a commitment to yourself to exercise the next 4 days after that. Give yourself that break, but make your breaks come at a cost.
L Onard F.
You can sign a contract with yourself or with someone you deeply respect. You also can find a friend to do it with you. Third would be social commitment, tell everyone you’re going to do this so you‘ll be forced into doing it.
Julia W.
I think how dissappinted with myself I would feel if I break the chain in my calendar and it pushes me to complete my routine. Although sometimes I shuffle things around, example, workout later in the day instead of first thing in the morning.
Ellie P.
If it's a big task just try to tell yourself to start and just do one bit of it. Once you get momentum going you will then be on a roll. You also gotta ask yourself why you started the practice and acknowledge why it's important to you!
You got this!!
Zoran X.
Hi there, I’m no pro but what tends to help is try to not overthink it and just do it. The habit forming is in the automatisation.. Good luck!
Levi O.
I think because of how this app works. It gives me motivation to do more. And because you don’t do everything immediately, step by step works best for me. This time I really want to succeed.
Priam Q.
Remember why you're doing it and the benefits you're getting from it.
Maybe make a list of the benefits you've gained and your reasons for changing so when you feel demotivated you can look at it?
I found making a folder of inspirational/motivational quotes and pictures of people who inspire me helps as well.
I also find being able to look back on where I've come from really helps as I can see everything I've gained
Mac N.
You need to be mindful of your goals.

Being reminded (especially with Fabulous) is a tool fo you to be able to be mindful that you need to keep the practice.

Once the practice become a habit. You are unstoppable. O:-)