What is your secret to get out of bed and feeling like exercising everyday? Is there any advice on music or whatever helps you?

Giuls N.
I like to set two different alarm 5 minutes from each other so that I can relax a little bit and not have to immediately get out of bed . Then I listen to music in a “crescendo” kind of way (first relaxing and then more energetic) to start the routine without rushing in

Hanni A.
A inner voice telling me to get up… Start my day, and route with water, a smoke, a few yawns… Then get to it, if I'm having a lazy day.. I still go for a walk.

Curtis W.
I don’t feel like exercising most mornings. I just stick to the principle and know that the benefits outweigh the small cost of a quick morning workout. It also gives me a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

Ibraheema A.
A good breakfast, exciting plans for later in the day after the exercise, and a small coffee break after the workout always makes me feel good.