How do you get going with exercise when you feel tired?

Ruth G.
I don’t, I try and tune into my body, and if I’m really physically tired then I take the time to rest, if I am mentally tired, I would do something gentle and inward like yoga.
Domniki X.
I have a VERY lazy exercise routine i do right before bed, no gym clothes needed, on the bed instead of the floor, for all over the body. Tightens the muscles a bit and keeps me going. I honestly have no time or energy for anything extra, BUT this is SO much better than nothing, it helps me so much and i have seen great difference! You need to combine this with a good diet because it doesn't really burn that much fat, but it does give ypu strength and lean muscles.
You can find such routines online, mine is from a claudia swlewski video.
Serenity S.
I try to push through and start anyway. Sometimes once you get started the feeling that you don’t want to do it goes away
Rick E.
To be honest this is something that I have struggled with for a while. I tend to find that if I break it down into tasks it becomes a more manageable habit. First, get up and just stretch your body- I tend to feel more motivated once o feel like my body is ready to get moving. Secondly just doing something as simple as changing into your clothes- once they're on there is no excuse! And don't make the exercise you are about to do too challenging- you want to feel motivated to get moving initially and feel a sense of accomplishment once you have finished
Everett W.
I have an accountability buddy who pushes me to go and encourages me even if it’s for 30 mins or for a full hr. I also like to multitask and would take that time to watch tv or do flashcards or wedding plan while running on the treadmill of elliptical
Andrea C.
I drink something with caffeine. It gets me moving – it feels like a switch and my body gets energized… even if my brain isn’t with it yet.
Cherry L.
It's even more important to just go and do exercise! When you feel drowsy, you give yourself excuses for procrastination like "i have to find ways to wake up first…"
Logan C.
I remind myself that even a little bit is better than nothing, that by doing something I’m already better off than I was before
Peter Q.
Just say to yourself "this will help me and I can do it." Also instead of thinking, oh boy I have to workout for 30 minutes ugh, say "I'll do five pushups and then if I feel like continuing I will."
Kara O.
SOmetimes i like to get started with some stretches or floor exercises. Then jumping jacks or something easy to get blood pumping
M Ximo Z.
I hate that the Nike logo has to pop into my head as I write this, but they’ve branded themselves well. Just do it. As unsympathetic as that sounds, know that it’s coming from someone who so very often does NOT want to do it. But every time I begrudgingly push myself out of bed and out the door, I start to feel so much better. That first step is the hardest part, I promise. If you can only muster the strength to get started, you will crush that workout and crush your day. And you’ll feel amazing when it’s done.
Melissa N.
I use Mel Robbins 5 second rule. I count down from 5 say go and start. Somedays are harder than others. Today was really hard and did my exercise but it was for sure not my best effort. Somedays you just have to show and give what you have even if its not your best.
Zeneida Q.
Well I just think of how I made a commitment and that it will just make me feel better about myself so I do it. Also if you are actually really tired then just choose an easier or quicker workout just to get yourself moving.
Alberte W.
Start small a walk around the block a couple quick stretches. Find something you enjoy now that I go to spin & do yoga it's easy to get started because they're things i actually enjoy doing and feel good doing. I always dreaded going to the gym so I don't do that anymore I'm not gonna keep it up if it's something I hate.