Sometimes in the morning I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is exercise…. also I am always late….any inspiration or tip here?

Faizan N.
That is almost similar to me . What I try to do is to get on my exercise bike and kick off even for 3 minutes. When at work I take the stairs quickly . And coming back from work I take the longer route. After I get home, I do try to compensate for the morning. Usually finding an innovative exercise , stretches , something new …. motivates me. I think its important to develop the habit though.
Elly U.
If you prepare everything the night before, go to bed a half hour earlier and wake up a half hour earlier, you'll be golden. The tiredness will fade as your body adjusts and you'll feel more energized than before!
Jeffrey Z.
Go to bed earlier. I’m a night person, and this has been challenging for me as well. I’ve found though that since I started rising earlier and exercising, when it come to me for bed, I’m ready and fall asleep quickly. You can do it, stick with it!!
Messias Q.
In my opinion I think going to bed early could help. If you can't sleep for long time try go sleep early with a nice hot milk with bit of honey like we do in Poland. It will make you warm insaid ur belly so you can get comfy in ur fluffy bed. Just close eyes, maybe listen to these things for sleep and make ur mind clear and just drift off to sleep. The point is to make yourself comfortable as possible with heat that makes you sleepy.
Prabhjot X.
I can totally relate to this, one tip i would like to give is 'the 5 second rule', whenever you find yourself making excuses for not doing exercise, count 5,4,3,2,1 and start with just simple jumping jacks and then just keep moving. Also, another thing which i found helpful was, youtube workout vedios. Hope this helps🙂
Gnarwhal E.
Hi, I have the same issue, try the minute workout. I think as long as you get your heartrate up it's a success. Baby steps are key 😊
Dalv Nia F.
I find it helpful to commit to a very short duration and just do it. Even if it's just for 1-3 mins and do more if I feel up to it, and I usually do.

I feel so much better after I exercise and that helps motivate me if I'm still not feeling like it.

Pallavi C.
I believe do what you love listen to music and dance around or just take stairs at office, run around your kids at home,better start off with staying active whole day and then see if you can incorporate small walks.
Anissa N.
Honestly, of getting up earlier is not an option. I would say incorporate moving into hour work out. I also put my water on for breakfast as I start my quick routine and it helps. Some maybe plan your getting ready with working out in mind. Also maybe morning workouts don't suit you and you should try another time.
Bevin U.
This requires a two part answer. I think exercise is relative. If you are starting to become active again, then even a minute or a few jumping jacks at the start is enough and would pass as exercise. If there's a lot of resistance to doing something, it's probably because the form of exercise you were thinking of is too strenuous.

As for being late, this could be tied to your evening habits. I can't say much since I don't know what you do in the evenings, but I would probably start there.

Samantha Y.
I find putting my workout clothes and shoes near my bed or in my line of sight when I wake up helps. Also, wearing them to bed if putting them on seems like too much. I also time myself when I workout so I know when I should be getting ready for the rest of the day/work. Wearing a watch helps me a lot I used to be late all the time. Now it only happens on an off day. Good luck!
Liam F.
You don't have to exercise only when you wake up, especially if you don't feel like it… I don't feel like exercising in the morning or in the afternoon so i always workout before going to sleep