What is your best advice for exercising in the morning?

Zaba N.
Stretching, i feel fresh and good in my body after stretching but my friend fell’s more tired than fresh after doing so. It can be good or bad try it and you will see.
Dejanira E.
I feel like you don't need a hard exercise like push-ups or things like that, even dancing, and taking a walk is a good exercise, so do what works best for you.
Jonas N.
I think you should do some intermediate training like STRETCHING as it will charge your body and improve your blood circulation.
Happy Mornings
Braian Y.
Hacer ejercicio mientras escuchas tu música favorita es un generador de buen ánimo garantizado. Además, cuidas tu figura y tu salud
David O.
I tried for years to be someone who gets up early to exercise. I tried all sorts of tricks (even sleeping in my workout clothes) and managed a few short stints over the years, but never stuck to it as I'm not naturally a morning person. I have now tried to let go of societal and personal narratives about being productive in the morning, and allow myself to get up as late as possible, just the bare minimum time to get ready for work without being stressed. I have an evening exercise routine which is the longest I have ever stuck to. What keeps me going is a combination of accountability (I do it with a group who notice if I'm not there), finding something I enjoy and planning to ensure I'm all set up beforehand. If you are a morning person, go for it, but if, like me, mornings are a struggle, maybe just give yourself permission to take the morning slow, and find a time later on that will set you up for success.
Timmothy Q.
You realise how much you have and how much we take for granted. Even our eyes: close your eyes and imagine you have no vision. Open them and behold the many colours. It is a miracle!
Jenifer C.
My advice would be to exercise not when you wake up or rush, if not until a little time passes before you get used to it and do not feel a very abrupt change because if this is the case, you will give up easily.
Hans Georg X.
Fake it till you make it. Whenever you wake up, think that its such a great time to get up and move! Just being in this mindset usually helps me get up in the morning. Think, oh, I look cute today, now lets get this cutie some nice and peaceful yoga time in the morning.
Ronny J.
Dont wait to long to start exercising. Have your morning routine and go for it. Or rather make it a part of your morning routine.