I have a hard time feeling accomplished if I don’t do a 20+ min workout, but I know that working out for just one minute is better than none and I should celebrate that consistency. What are your tips for how to reframe my thinking on that?

Felecia O.
Make sure to maintain a self discipline mindset, letting go the immediate placer for the exchange of long term self respect. The road to sustainable happiness is through disciplining your behavior
Leroy T.
This depends on your goals for the workout. Does breaking a sweat make you feel like you're making progress? How about having sore muscles the next day? Try to figure out what triggers your sense of satisfaction, and aim to reach that within every workout. It's okay not to be thrilled about a shorter workout or a less dramatic accomplishment – but it's a good sign if you're struggling to meet your own personal goals. Consistently achieving a difficult goal after a long period of growth is more valuable than checking off a task that takes no effort every day. Instead of trying to be complacent with a short workout, try looking at the less-intense days as the slow part of your progress towards a larger goal. Good luck!
Darius E.
There are lots of work out routines that are only 7-10 mins long. I feel that is better to do 10mins everyday than to do 20+ mins once an then not doing it again for a while.
No Lia Q.
Well for starters, not all 20+ minute workouts are created the same. Consistency over the long run is more important; even more important is what you eat to fuel your body. The way I always look at it is this way; if I don’t have time for a 20 min workout or if I have to skip it all together I always make sure I eat accordingly on the day and push myself even more the next time I workout. There should never be an obsession revolving around working out to feel good about yourself, but instead strive to have healthy eating habits; fueling your body for results on days when you have a tough workout. For those days when there are only 10 minutes to workout or maybe even none, I always focus on healthful foods that never leave me feeling hungry. Create an active lifestyle overall and don’t get caught up with the stats; exercise should never be a crutch for feeling better about ourselves. I try never to forget this.
Patsy I.
I think that says a lot about you, and that means that you’re very dedicated and have a lot of amibtion. I have been reading a book called Essentialism by Greg Mackewn and what he suggests is, done is better than perfect. If you do 1 min of workout, it is done and you’ve achieved the goal, tomorrow you push it to 2, and so on and so on. You can also do 10 sets of 2 min workouts throughout the day. Lots of ways to go about it, but take pride in your achievements, so that you can push on for more
Mark J.
For me, it helps to remember that you will have a long lasting change if you build the good habit, and even just a minute’s workout will help build that habit of working out. We live in a world of “now”, which makes us want fast results and a fast change, but to really get a successful change in ourselves, we can’t skip the important step of building habits. Plus, I can’t even count the number of days that I have intended just a quick 1-2 minute jog around the block, but once I got out there found myself running for 15-20 minutes without even realizing it! Good luck with your journey!
Naja P.
You are alteady a super hero, with all you have to deal with in a daily basis… so celebrete the 5 minute (or what ever) workout you are doing.. the most importante, I think, is doing it! With time, you will become stronger and your body will ask for longer workouts! 🙂 Great Job!
Amelia Y.
I have been forcing myself to work out for at least thirty minutes a day! If I don’t force myself I won’t do it and I will find a way to talk myself out of it!!!
Basile Z.
I will still celebrate because You are still here but sometimes there is factors that prevents us to work outJust do more time the following day Or catch up on the time missed during the weekend or days off
Adam Z.
It doesn’t matter how long you workout as long as you are! Just think like this if you do a 1 minute workout you ARE 1 minute closer to your goal!
Julie W.
Working out everyday isn’t always necessary. I used to do this but now just do it 3 times a week and do something more restorative (ie yoga with the down dog app) on the other days. Your body needs time to rest – don’t be so hard on yourself. Some days you need a lie in and to do nothing. Sometimes you need a few days like that. It’s ok 🙂
I also have an Oura ring (not cheap) but this has helped me massively as it gives me physiological indicators when my body needs rest. If the ring is saying I slept poorly and I’m not ready for a blistering workout then I skip it or do something easier. Likewise if it says I’m recovered and I can’t be bothered – I’ll push myself a. It more
Emmy Z.
I might try to focus on how the working out makes me feel. Did you get out of breath? Did you feel a soreness in your muscles? Maybe feeling sweaty or hot? Or energized, or pleasantly tired? For me a “good” workout is about feeling these sensations, even if it’s “not long” enough according to some outside evaluator I’m imagining in my head.
Santana C.
I break it up throughout the day if I know I have a busy day or even a lazy moment. I will do some kind of workout when I can and then another one in the evening when I can… that always makes me feel I’ve done my full workout
Kaylee J.
Focusing on an end goal is a quick way to discourage yourself. Keep the end goal in mind but set yourself some smaller milestones in between where you are and where you want to be. For example: today I worked out five minutes, which is one minute more than yesterday. And tomorrow, if I feel good, I will work out six minutes. If you don’t feel good, you can set yourself a minimum standard that you must complete that is manageable. For instance, you can say- today, I don’t feel so good, so I will work out for four minutes to meet my minimum standard. Then build from there and treat yourself. Be kind to yourself for adding just one more minute and make sure you’re having fun- whatever you’re doing. It’s a step in the right direction. One day you’ll work out 20 minutes and be very surprised as it will feel rather mundane! Daunting tasks are daunting because they feel big- so break it down and congratulate yourself for the smaller achievements on your way to the bigger achievement. Having a minimum standard will help you deal with feelings of shame. But I would suggest delving into those thoughts and finding their origin so that you can have a healthier approach to accomplishing your goals! Good luck and I wish you well!
Emily Y.
Well firstly, I think a real “workout” is at the very bare minimum a 10min walk.
However when I’m at the gym I at least work out for 45min to an hour because I have a certain goal for the day (ie. 10-15min cardio warm up and then leg exercises). Maybe your issue is that you’re worried too much about what is considered acceptable rather than what is right for you. Maybe you need to try just enjoying the work out and maybe scheduling it into your day/ week better. At least 3-4X a week is fine and make sure you’re doing something you enjoy doing in a positive environment!! That way you’ll be way more focused on how much fun you’re having and how good your body feels. 🙂
Signe E.
To have patience and increase the time of the work out slowly . Meaning you can work out daily but also reach your satisfaction goal
Jaques F.
Hi. First of all, I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself. As for your question, I find that it is a main struggle for people who were once very active. For example, I have been an athlete for quite a few years and too have struggled to find a reason for those few minutes of exercise every day. The first part of the process, in my case, was to understand that in those few minutes every morning I am not training my body, I am preparing my mind. While I warm up my body for the day, I am also preparing my mind for what is to come. It takes a while to adopt the view, but a cool tip while you shift to this mindset is to do something measurable. For example: you can dance around your room during that time and it’s ok because you are moving about and everything; but if you stretch every morning for 5 – 10 minutes and see an improvement on your flexibility it adds value to that short workout because you can measure physical progress in addition to the psychological one. I hope you find this helpful. Have a nice day ☺️
Juli O C.
Usually I do workout in the morning on weekdays, since I’m working until eight o’clock or something in the evening. On some days, when I got late to bed on the day before, I don’t have the time to do a 30 or 40 min workout in the morning, since I know that I need a certain amount of sleep as well. On these days I usually do a 10 or 15 minutes workout only, and the first times I did that I had a similar feeling like the one you described. But now I say to myself: It‘s better to work out for only 5, 10 or 15 minutes, than not working out at all. You do burn calories after your workout, you train your cardiovascular system and you are and feel more energized for the whole day (or the rest of the day, or you will sleep better in case you are working out in the evening) – even after working out for only 10 minutes. If you look at it that way you do not only work out for 10 or 15 minutes but for making your entire day or night better, your body and soul healthier and yourself more energized and balanced. And a last tip: I always say to myself, when I only have time to work out for 10 or 15 minutes: Now you will work out as hard as you can and you will give everything so that you’ll get the maximum out of these 10 or 15 minutes of exercising. After that you know that you did everything that you could and that was possible in that day to make yourself healthier and live a better life – you can be very proud of that!
Salom O Q.
I grew up playing sports and have the same difficulty feeling accomplished if I’m not gassed after my workout. However, I’ve starting incorporating circuit training back into my workouts again and feel I’m getting a good cardio and overall workout without having to do 30 min exactly. I do two rounds of 7 exercises for 7 min each and love it.
C Me C.
You don’t have to feel accomplished per day. Work on allowing yourself to just feel happy that you worked out for even a few minutes, because maybe it was all your day allowed. If I have time, i usually find that making a goal to work out- to just start- for even a minute always leaving me working harder once I start anyway. Push yourself hard on the days you want to feel accomplished (3-4 days a week) and on the other days, tell yourself you’re accomplished just for starting. You aren’t a failure if you stop after a few minutes either. It’s more of an accomplishment to have just started. Be easy on yourself.