What routine do you do? I tried yoga but I feel very inflexible immediately after bed, is it healthy or maybe would be better to have a warm up?

Sarah Y.
It might not be enough but I’m planning to build up as I go, but I do five crunches and five push ups. It’s a small attainable thing first thing
Karina T.
My routine is short walk with my dog and stretching. I believe you should do whatever works for you. If your routine makes you miserable change your exercise into something that feels more natural and makes you happy.
Istvan X.
I think it’s a great idea to warm up before yoga. There are probably some initial yoga poses specifically for warming up. Warning up is important to do, because it prevents injuries. Don’t push past the point where it hurts in any yoga pose, since it’s not supposed to hurt.
Cassandra Y.
I like to do yoga before bed instead of after! It really helps me to relax and be mindful before I sleep. Going to bed with my body loose is bliss. If you have to do it in the morning, though, I recommend finding a specific flow that is what your body needs that morning or warming up first!