Is there an exact list of exercises I should do or do I just do exercises that I know and do all the time?

Vasilena C.
Sometimes the list of exercises contains exercises that I know and do all the time, but it would be boring to do the same thing over and over, which means there should be new exercises involved + the old ones. This way you can get better at the already known exercises and also improve them, while including new things.
Nathaniel F.
I do some asanas of yoga that my body can do I don't push more slowly doing . Also doing abs exercises some 3 or 4 types 5*2 sets now as I am a beginner will slowly increase once my body allows me . It may take time but I have to be patient with myself to achieve that goal of doing exercises more time. Now I do 30 min yoga and 10 min abs exercises
Dwight O.
That all depends on what you are wanting your results to be. For example if you are trying to lose weight, cardio would be good for you to do. But if you're wanting to increase muscle mass, weight training would be the way to go.
Emily S.
I don't think there is right and wrong when it comes to doing exercises. As long as you are moving and getting your heart pumping, it's good enough.
Alvino E.
You can do whatever you want. If you want to do those same exercises, go ahead, but if you want to try something new do it! It's fun.
Vicki F.
Hey, I don't think there's any set routine, I don't think so, lol. I just do the easier ones, yoga and meditation are awesome for mind and body. I do think yoga is a good way to exercise. Try Fabulous yoga. If not enough theres good apps for yoga. Hope this helps you. Good luck dude 🤗
Reginald P.
Anything that gets your body moving that you enjoy! For me, sometimes that’s taking a walk around the block or even dancing while I’m getting ready to start my day. There’s no rules- just do what makes you feel awake and energized!
Monique O.
You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable and whatever you can stick to. Personally, I lose track of more intense workouts due to my schedule. So, I have opted for doing yoga routines I find on YouTube. It introduces me to something new and gives me ideas for exercises I can do on my own during a busy schedule.
Karen L.
Your workout schedule should change with you. Do what fits your current lifestyle. Your exercise should push you, challenge you, relax and make you stronger mentally and physically. If you need to stretch one day and kick your a** the next, that's great. Don't stop exploring 🙂
Sierra O.
I used to do the exercises that I knew. But then i started using the ones from pop fitness on you tube. They are fun and not too difficult and include three fitness levels in every workout
Sonya N.
You can do whatever is best for you, if you have some exercises already do those otherwise there’s a list to choose from in the app as well