What do you do if you’re tired from a long day?

Sara C.
Days when I have to do a lot of mental work are the most exhausting for me. On those days, instead of showering, I take a bath with bath salts or a bath bomb, I light a scented candle, put a face mask on and watch a tv series or read a book. I lie in the bath for about half an hour and when I get out I feel refreshed and energised, so if I have any other tasks before ending the day I am not too exhausted and unmotivated. Not only it does wonders for relaxing my body, it’s also a way to take a break from every day life and take care of my mental health.
Nurettin F.
I often try to relax and listen to my body. If my body is tired then I should listen to it. If I’m just being lazy, I will try to do some reading or stretching
Ga Tan I.
watch my favorite anime
read my favorite book
call my close people
go for a walk
take a hot shower
sing many favorite songs (karaoke)
dance a little bit
go to bed early ;>
Elspeth E.
I go for a walk, talk to someone that loves me like a family member or a friend, cook something yummy and with veggies and maybe play piano
Derrick F.
I try to keep off of social media, and do some reading, something enjoyful and not frustrating or stress inducing. I usually shower, and I like to go to bed early.
Giada P.
Stretching my muscles with a beautiful Song ti create a food atmosphere Is so relaxing for me, let all the stress of the day away.
Manuel O.
I tend to be quite lazy, I'm more inclined to order takeaway or have a quick and poor food choice for dinner. I tend to not tidy up and just do as little as possible across the evening, engaging in more fun non-stressful activities that require little energy from me
Am Lia A.
I try to drink more water and eat a snack. Fruit is a good energy snack as well, if you don't have much to do then sit back or lay down and relax I also like to meditate sometimes it clears you head relaxes your body and calms you down from stress and anger
Julien T.
I try to treat myself that evening and understand that I'm not perfect and can't always do everythinf. Dont expect too much of yourself, some days you just don't have time to exercise and cook a healthy dinner etc etc. Mondays are my hardest day so often I treat myself to a takeaway and have a nice bath Monday evenings. Then get straight back to healthy habits for the rest of the week!
Trang A.
I will take a hot shower then do some light exercises like yoga or meditation. A cup of warm milk with soft music also helps me relax 🎶
Maia P.
Over the past few days I’ve been getting ready for bed by first taking a bath. This is partially for health reasons, but it’s also a nice way to treat yourself and relax after a long day! I listen to music and it feels really nice.
Luis T.
I tend order take out or go through a drive through to get fast food. Then I’ll go home and sit in front of the tv and watch my favorite shows until I feel the need to take a shower. After that I get into some comfy clothes and get into to bed.
Fatima N.
I’m tired right now and it’s midday. And I have been extremely unproductive today. But, that said, so that you know who this is coming from: if you are tired from a long day, just rest. But consciously rest, do you rest while watching your phone or a tv series. Rest. And know that the next day, even after a long day, you want to achieve your goals.
Muhammad Q.
I may take a nap in the noon for no more than half an hour, or I may sleep early, like about 8 pm so I wake up in the morning, around 5 am.

I don’t waste my time watching a movie or playing games just to feel better. That was an addiction I quit long time ago, and I feel much better without them.

Sometimes I talk it out with my wife. In the beginning it was hard to have a conversation with her. I looked for the inner reasons and fixed the problem. Now we talk about everything and anything, and that makes me feel refreshed.

Egle F.
If there is still a lot to do, then power nap. If its already evening, then I just go to sleep. 🙂
I drink vitamins and protein shakes and water and green tea to keep me going through the day and combined it with a good workout, you’ve got yourself an energy bomb for a whole day! You are motivated, you happy, you moving and doing things with a smile! :))))
Mariane I.
I try to move around a little bit, if the weather is nice to walk or cycle for at least 30 minutes. If I'm inside I will do some yoga or other exercises for 15/20 minutes. I see that it helps me gain some energy and confidence. After a long work day I try to avoid just sitting on the couch and watching tv or checking social media because it makes me even more tired, anxious and giving me negative thoughts. Practicing the healthy habits first allows me to not feel guilty and spend less time doing the unhealthy that drains even more my energy.
Silke W.
uummm i eat a good dinner and i do things that take little to no effort/thinking. for example i love to watch Anime so ill usually watch that or my favorite youtuber. that makes me feel relaxed. oh i also clean up ky room cuz i dont like to relax in a messy room so ill do that too
Kayla W.
One thing that I do if I'm tired from a long day is take a bath, with essentials oils and/or bath bomb. This helps relaxes my muscles, as well as a great stress reliever!
Jasper O.
I try to do something that could constitute as meditation. Just something simple and calming that I can focus my mind on. Sometimes I sit on the back veranda and drink a cup of green tea, sometimes I play my ukulele, and sometimes I draw. I do something that is easy, relaxing, and that I can focus on.
Maria T.
Just do any relaxing activity- a long bath, meditation or reading. Meditation helps a lot. I would suggest staying away from social media and TV, it tires you.
Cynthia S.
I normally try to avoid social media and checking my emails. I turn my phone on silent and unwind with a book or music. I follow it up with a scented bath and get a great night of sleep.
Ashley C.
I used to just browse the internet or play a computer game, but I realized that I would get stuck in a cycle I didn’t want to be in until I felt helpless and overwhelmed by the things I had to get done. Recently, I sit down and have some tea and an apple and listen to calming music for 10-20min instead while I go over my day planner/list of things I want to get done. This gives me a chance to relax, refuel, and refocus on two or three of my main goals for the evening. Then I get started and usually after the first 5-10min I’ve gained momentum and can get through my list smoothly. If I really am still feeling exhausted after 10-15min though, I’ll put off what I can and take the evening off and go to bed early so that I’ll hopefully feel better tomorrow evening.
Ron E.
First of all I sit on my couch and drink some water because you need to stay hydrated and after that I take a bath because its refreshing to take a bath and after that I used to relax my body
Ma Lie Y.
I usually sleep or take a nap. If I need to get something done after a long day, then I’ll workout to feel reenergized and drink lots of water.
Magdalena X.
I make a tea, sit in the kitchen, turn off the big light in the room, and I look out of the window on all the lights of the city. Just to stop all the thoughts, shoud and must to do, and take a breath.