What kind of cross training do you do as part of your daily exercise?

Emma O.
I don't do cross training. I run and dor indoor excersizes with weights every other day. Weight training I try to swicth every workout between different body parts, like arms+back, abs and legs on different days.
Filip O.
I do push ups, squats and plank in the morning and I practise wind-down yoga by Adrienne each and every evening. Then I meditate.
Immah Z.
I do 50 minutes (40minutes on mon and Tues, 50 mins today😊) on the elliptical trainer and then do 30 tricep dips and 30 bicep curls and 500 rope skips.
I was having trouble with consistency until I started using fabulous. This app motivates me and I'm so proud of myself. It's the third day that I have been consistent and I'm hoping to progress as well as I have.
Courtney Z.
I am not sure that it's considered cross training, but what I enjoy doing is alternating my workouts each day. For example, I am getting back into running and so I will run every other day and on the day's I don't run I will do strength training. Some of my favorites are HIIT workouts since you get a good mix of weight training (I use body weight since I don't have a gym membership) and cardio in one workout! I also like to practice yoga if I want to work on strength with less cardio.
Katie J.
A 5 to 10 minute walk first thing before I have breakfast (after drinking water). I aim to head out the door at 0655. This walk is on top of other exercise I do most days, usually trail running, cycling or a longer walk.
Logan Z.
I do P90X as part of my workouts. Every other day is either cardio, legs, or strength training. It’s a good mix that keeps me engaged in the program. Also allows me to want to workout each day.
Taylor I.
I don't know what that is but I do enjoy using my stationary bike for 10 minutes every morning. It's quick and energizing 🙂