I would like to know how long should I be recommended to walk for?

Colin P.
Well that depends.
Where are you walking? What is the weather like? If the weather is nice, I like to walk for 20-30 minutes a day.

Hope this helps!

Adam P.
Your walk time should go along with how tight your schedule is and your energy. If you have nothing planned, a longer walk will be perfect. But if you're busy, even if it's just a little, make time to walk. 2-3 minutes is just fine.
Nevaeh Z.
Gradually and consistently build up from 30 seconds a day to 30 minutes a day. With warm up before, and cool down after, the walk. Remember, baby steps and small wins will get you there.
Tilde B.
I don't know exactly, but I think 15-20 minutes a day can help to feel better. Or you can act sometimes like Forrest Gump-just go till you feel it's enough.
Ethan Y.
Hi. You should walk for atleast 30 mins daily. If you don't have the time then go for a 10 mins run. It will make you feel fresh and energetic.
Albane Z.
It really depends on you, and your day. I like to walk for around 30 minutes (stopping off at a favourite coffee shop halfway), but if I have a busy morning I try to add some incidental walking (getting off the train one stop early) to squeeze in 15 minutes or so.
Quaresma Q.
Whatever works for you. If you are struggling just to get started, aim just to walk around the block. You can then build up to 20 or 30mins or whatever suits you. Walking further just allows you more time to think and reflect, but make it work for you and the time you have available🙂
Andreas W.
One half hour a day is the minimum but enough. 5 km a day is even better. If you never walked on a daily basis than start once a week or twice and build it up. Best is before or after dinner. Or early in de morning.
Ted Z.
It depends on your goals. It is better to put specific measurable guidelines around your walk. For example. You can start with 1 mile or 10 minutes – which ever happens first and then start to expand your goal little by little with every walk. It also depends on your lifestyle and how busy you are. For example I would walk around the block while my twins took naps when they were babies. Keeping the baby monitor with me! Now I try to use weights and do bicep curls Or deltoid raises as I’m walking. Start small and work your way up.
Lydia E.
I think it really depends on the time you have. 5 minutes is better than none. I prefer 30 minutes though, as it allows me to contemplate life.
Alison O.
It depends on your current fitness level and goals. However, a good starting place is to walk until you start getting tired, then push yourself about 15 more minutes or so. You are capable of more than you believe!
Ross T.
I believe that you should take a 10 to 15 minute walk, but if you cant do that then any amount of time should be good. As long as you get into the habit you will be successful.
Amalia J.
Generally, if walking is your only exercise, you want to get in at least 10k steps. That, for most people is equal to 7-10km, depending on the length of your stride, and can be accomplished in an hour and half to two hours at a normal pace. However, to make it easier to stick to it, you can set a lower goal at first – say 5k steps. That you can do in 45 minutes to an hour of walking. After you're hitting it comfortably every day, add some more time and more steps!
Enrique T.
That will depend on your age and health in general, I'm 24 and I usually walk 1 hour just to go work and back home… after that I usually try to run on a treadmill when I use the gym
Tristan Z.
I don't know about what is scientifically recommended and what kind of benefits you're after, but I find that any walking at all can already make a difference. I'm already in a better mental place and more awake after just 10-15 min of walking. And if you find yourself liking it and your schedule permits it, you could make longer walks now and then. Taking a walk during lunchtime can be a nice way to get some movement and breath fresh air. Good luck!
Douglas O.
I'm very out of shape, so I started off walking for 5 minutes at a comfortable walking speed on my treadmill. But after a week I did it for 5 minutes a little bit faster, and then once that new speed was comfortable I bumped it up to 10 minutes at that speed. The best thing to do is to see where your base line is, find out how long you can walk at a comfortable speed without feeling too overwhelmed and then work up from there in baby steps. It's all about getting good habits, and not pushing yourself too hard in the beginning, because then you'll want to give up when you can't immediately do half an hour run. start out with what feels comfortable, and then slowly push yourself outside of your comfort zone little by little. I believe in you! We're going to do this!
Toledo C.
Depends on how convenient it is for you. You should also take into consideration your health. Start small. Start with fifteen minutes. It may be tiring at first. Then after a week so twenty minutes. After another week do 25. After another week do thirty. Don't over exert yourself. Stop when you're done. Over doing can also be bad for you. Do as much as you can.
Darlene X.
Hi!! Depending on your goals and level of fitness, the average is 20-30 min per day. If you are new to fitness, start by incorporating more walking into you day darling ! Take the stairs, park in the back of a parking lot ect. Conditioning your body for more intense workouts in the future. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and change them out every 300 miles or so. But start 3 days a week for a brisk 20 to 30 min. The time of day is irrelevant, choose what works best for you and consistently up your time! For weightloss, add some lunges, or squeeze your glutes on and off. Even throw some biceps curls In there while you walk. And DONT FORGET TO STRETCH !! HAPPY NEW YEAR GORGEOUS!! PEACE, LOVE AND BE EPIC!