What type of exercises are better to do in morning and evening?

Carla A.
I’d say any exercise is good in the morning. But if your having a hard time getting started. Yoga would be a nice start to the day. But be careful about doing yoga which lengthens your muscles and then doing heavier work outs later in the day which could cause injury due to your body being stretched already.
Noah B.
Am: warm up followed by active session: either weight lifting at the gym, or 20-30 min cardio, or my 20 min functional stretching video. Start the day as I mean to go on, active. Release the feel-good hormones. And mentally feel proud and delighted to get it done. Also helps with the rest of the day, activates brain. Gets me out of the house.
Raik X.
Mornings work the best because you have your willpower replenished during the night and if you don't feel like exercising you can make yourself
Gerlind Y.
I find walking is good because you can always do it, it also relaxes you, and when it's nice or you can appreciate nature
Melvin U.
You must do cardiovascular exercise to improve heart and lung health Weight bearing exercise are great to develop muscle Both are great for weight loss and improved self image So there is no best exercise You must mix them up to improve the body and also to prevent boredom
Jacob C.
I start with stretching exercises to activate my body; then I do some of the basic ones: Abs crunch, rise ups and some squats, then I am fully ready for the whole day!
Augustin Q.
I like to practice yoga in the morning as a gentle way to wake up my body. In the evenings I like to take a walk around my neighborhood. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day.
Nascimento N.
I started working out about two weeks ago. I always been a heavy person. I now lost about 200lbs. For me never worked out before I find that I do better with strengthening in the morning and I use a thread-mil at night. Hope this helps.
Maja Y.
I prefer running or walking in the morning. These get you moving for the day. Alternately, yoga is a gentle way to wake up. I read recently some studies have found strength training in the evening can help improve sleep, so I have been trying those sorts of activities.