I have trouble prioritizing so that exercise doesn’t get missed. What have you found to be helpful for getting exercise in every day?

Lucas W.
For exercising during the day I make sure that I know the schedule of when my gym classes are so I can fit my work in around it. However I do not do much incidental exercise while I am out and about
Kaspar S.
As soon as you wake up just do it. You can even set an alarm for the morning so that you really won't be able to forget. Make it the first thing that you do as soon as you wake up.
Florent Q.
Visualisation, be that via a fitness tracker or just a whiteboard or piece of paper on your fridge of ticking off your exercise for the day helped me getting the routine started and in check.
Also having a backup low intensity workout with flexible timing like via a yoga app is the best thing to keep you streak of exercising going even on days where one really does not feel like being able to do anything of being low level injured.
Debora D.
I find something that i really like to do involving exercising in it. Then I try do to that as not for my goal, but also for fun. Some days when I want to try something harder I do that so its balanced.!
Debora D.
I exercise in the morning before breakfast, this time is the best for me, later during the day it would be difficult to find time. If I am sleepy or tired in the morning I exercise too, but I choose some stretching or strenghtening muscles, rather then cardio. Even short time exercise is a succes.