How do you get motivated to do exercise when you don’t feel like it?

Mia O.
for me i just don’t. The most successful people aren’t the most motivated people, they just push themselves when they’re not motivated.

Rebekah W.
Motivation doesn’t really come before action. Action produces motivation. Do the thing and you will feel motivated by the benefits. Got that from a John Maxwell book I’m reading.

Vicki A.
I use music: I manage to put my workout playlist and as long as I listen to those songs, motivation slowly comes back and I find the energy both physical and mental to do some exercise. I also try to remind myself of how good I feel after working out

The N.
Most times, I don't feel motivated to do exercise and when I feel this way, I close my eyes and think about what my body does for me. It's like not having an appetite but you know if you don't eat, you'll hurt yourself more. Is it worth it? Then I try to eat something, no matter how little. That's how exercising is. When I don't feel motivated to exercise, I dance. I get off the bed, play some music and just dance. It does two things
1. Liven your mood.
2. Give your movement the movement it needs to be in shape.

I hope this helps 🖤

Analide Z.
I ask my friend to come along with me. I have a thing about letting others down, so if I have someone come with me, I feel like I need to go. So, no matter how long or short my workout is, I still get it in.