Do you feel more energetic after exercise?

Holly N.
Yes, I like to do exercise that is also a task like cleaning the house or poo picking in the field. It’s a two birds theory. I’ve exercised and created a clean and organised environment
Lucas U.
I think exercising in the morning is very important as it gives me more strengh and energy for the rest of the day, I feel more relaxed and I'm not sleepy anymore.
Radwa X.
Yes so much , although they are light easy stretches and one or two strength exercises but it is better than nothing they really make a difference, your letter of the beginning of habit is very inspiring. I hope for more improvements in my habits
Wilfried Z.
I feel tired exactly after the workout… But the moment I just sit and relax I just feel the energy flowing in me
And I feel energetic throughout the rest of the day
Anna T.
Yes, in morning. In evening, when I exercise, I am more tired, but it feels still great. Like I did a good thing for the humanity or something:D (sorry for my poor english)