What helps you stay consistent with your new habits?

Daniel C.
Starting small, ensuring you don't add too much to your plate at once and work on achieving one thing at a time. The hardest one to start was exercise, and required me to dig deep and stay the course, followed by having breakfast, this gives me the energy I need throughout the day. I also set reminders on my phone should I forget to follow through and to prevent the error of slipping up, which I have done a few times as well, finding ways to navigate through your daily life with sufficient fuel in the tank, water and making sure to celebrate every small step and little win. This will make it easier to maintain. There is no right or wrong to approach it, but there is ways to make it easier to adopt change. I hope this helps
Ariovalda P.
I've been for a long time a victim of depression, but this year I had the purpose to start fighting and taking my life back. At the beginning I didn't know how but then I discovered that a program could make a positive impact on me and going over days and weeks I realised my life was starting to have an aim again. In this way I keep taking care of myself and so I'm almost over my depression.
Gertrude Z.
Treat those new habits as mobile phone
because nowadays mobile is an unavoidable thing and it became a part of life. So in this way we can build up our consistent level and also helps to learn new things daily.
Jayna Y.
I actually break my habits into tinier portions, so I can get them done better and feel a greater sense of accomplishment. Usually with new habits, I will be excited to try them out and add them into my daily routine. So, everyday I will wake up telling myself that I have to get that new habit done.