I’m skinny but I love to walk in the morning cold clean air. Can walking make me more skinny or keeping me skinny? I’ve read a few articles and a gym trainer asked me not to do much running or walking.

Emma W.
Maybe a slower walk that doesn’t increase the heart rate too much might be a good way to enjoy the clean air without losing weight?
Anya Y.
Yes! Of course! Walking is amazing for both your physical and mental health. While it might feel you are not doing much, A good brisk walk improves your lymphatic drainage, immune system, improves blood pressure and stabilises your joints by building muscle. Remember, not all articles are true. And with your gym trainer either get a new one, or if it because of damaged joints and muscles, I advise to go and see a podiatrist or chiropractor.
Hope that helped 🙂
Julian N.
Walks are perfectly fine, but if you're looking to gain some muscule, add an excercise or two to that. You don't have to stop your walks, just add something to complement them.
Laura N.
You haveny provided nearly enough information for a thoughtful response. What is skinny? Is your BMI unhealthy? Do you want to stay skinny or not? How far and with what intensity do you walk? Is walking exercise, yes…does it burn calories, yes …can it help maintain weight, yes. Could you be walking a lot but gain weight, yes. Talk with your doctor or other professional.
Kartik F.
Hi, your question is too vague to answer precisely.the metrics like your age,gender, weight, metabolic activity,your diet and how much you walk and how frequently you walk matters a lot.in any case it's good to increase your intake calories and reduce your exercise if you want to put up on healthy weight.and please take this advice with a grain of salt,each individuals advice may vary so try and test what works for you.
Tayla U.
Walking is fine. It's running that can put too much stress on your knees especially if you tend not to stretch.
You won't lose weight walking unless your doing a lot of hilly walks but it will keep you fit. Do some deep breathing exercises while walking too!
Amber S.
I would definitely reach out to your primary care physician about what’s best for you and your body. Burning more or less calories than we eat affects our weight. If you are trying to maintain your weight or are trying to lose weight, walking certainly is a healthy and low impact way to do so, however, you do have to take into account your calorie intake. I am not a physician and don’t feel comfortable giving medical advice, so I do recommend reaching out to a physician for further advice for you and your personal health goals! Best of luck to you!
Linny P.
I think it depends on your diet and how much you exercise. My advice is to go to a nutricionist specialized in body training or something.
Catherine N.
I recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor. Every body needs some level of exercise. I Strongly suggest that you consult a professional, a physician or a nutritionist, about your weight goals and concerns.
Tommy R.
Maybe trainer asked not to do any running or walking because they didn’t want you to lose too much weight which includes muscle weight. I know that walking in the morning is good for you and i have the same routine. I know I keep in shape because of my hourly walks and also this helps to keep my steps goal to 14k steps a day. Hope this helps and I’d ask your trainer why he gave you this recommendation.