How do you stay motivated to exercise?

P Pio N.
I do trying to have a healthy plan, I just set up my time, to mine, to get better, being healthy, and more when you love yourself you all could do it. Like your health, body made you being motivated.
Ken I.
that's pretty hard but I just think of how proud I am always afterwards and how happy I am going to be when I finally achieve my goal
Marcia Y.
I keep reminding myself, if I want to be a better and healthy person in future then I have to do it. Also, I didn't start big or tough exercise. It is always better to start small and make it a habit. Then keep adding tough exercise in every routine.
Clemens O.
I set my alarm at 8 AM , I eat breakfast and then I go exercise. It's all about routine . You do it One day and you feel so good with yourself that you want to do it again. Just me Patience and work hard . Set your goals every day. It's easier if you define a time for doing exercise.
Sami H.
I like to exercise because it makes me active and it's really great for my health. It is not difficult to stay motivated just do it daily and make it more interesting by playing music in the background and do some dance steps between the exercise and look in the mirror after completing your work out daily. It will make you happy. Actually I don't need exercise because I am so skinny I just do it to stay active because I have very few activities. Make your routine start with less work out extend it day by. So try to do it I hope this will help you. And you can do it believe in yourself