How do you manage to eat breakfast and then exercise in the morning without getting indigestion? I would like to get up and have breakfast before exercising, but i find it makes me nauseous.

Lucien W.
Try to slowly but surely eat less for breakfast. Then once you get used to it do "fasted cardio". If you plan your transition period well you will have no problem doing sports without eating and you will get additional benefits like increased fat burning. Lifting weights shouldn't be a problem as well. I personally only eat every other day one meal (48h fast) and go to the gym daily. So I can talk from experience that you shouldn't have a problem. Plus it's a great mental and willpower exercise. Depending on your shape and capabilities your transition period (eating less and less for breakfast) should be between 2-3 months. However, if you do not want to do such a thing try splitting your breakfast. Before the gym eat a small fruit, or some small protein bar (although both will spike insulin) and coffee/tea/water after the gym eat your second, slightly larger breakfast. In a nutshell eat less before the gym and more after.
Riley U.
Why not pack a smoothie to eat after you exercise? If you really need to eat beforehand, a banana is an easily digestible option that shouldn’t make you feel nauseous.
Rebecca F.
I always exercise while doing other things like choosing my outfit or get ready, and also i just drink a glass of water so it's easier to not get nauseous
Joseph P.
I actually do my exercising before I eat to avoid that problem. I feel like I’m more inclined to eat a healthy breakfast if I have already done a workout. Don’t want to waste the calories I just burned on junk! Hope that helps.
Micheal P.
Honestly I count morning as anytime between when i wake up at 630 am to when my son goes down for his nap around 1130. I do my 30 min exercise during his nap. But when I would work out in the morning, before I got pregnant, I wouldn't eat before hand. Of course I was working out at 4 am and I would have a protien shake afterwards.
Sabine C.
I don't – I get up and have some water and a yogurt drink (small) and sometimes a single dried date or prune (I prefer not to exercise on a completely empty tummy!) and then exercise and have breakfast afterwards. This works well for me.
Miqueias P.
I find that getting up drink water and excersise, before doing anything else works best for me, water helps me with the craving and starts hidrating the body.
Ernest U.
honestly, I do a short 5 minute workout every morning to get wake my body up. after I have my morning water, I like to then go to the washroom to brush my teeth (which wakes me up a little more) and then I go back to my room where I have two 20lbs dumbells hiding underneath my bed. I put on some music and do a quick workout!

I’m not a morning workout person so i’ll go to the gym either in the afternoon or evening. But every morning I do a 5min routine to feed my body with endorphins. 🥰

Same O.
Usually I have breakfast after exercise, because I think my full stomach will feel bad after exercise. And I do morning routine, because I will have to check it in this app)
Loiva A.
Drink plenty of watertas soon as you wake up to lighten up your day and pop in some nuts to your mouth to kickstart the powerhouse.
Birgitta Z.
If I exercise in the morning, i tend to eat something light on the way to training, a banana is my go to option. then I’ll eat properly after it before work. Otherwise I do quick yoga first, then breakfast. Protein is good, like eggs.
Chlo Y.
It's always better to eat after you exercise for that very reason. Also, it will help replenish lost vitamins and minerals from the time when you have exercised.
Selmaan A Ali
Victor X.
Sometimes I just exercise later in the day. I haven’t been exercising long. I just started this weekend so I’ve been able to take my time and exercise after taking time to relax after eating.
Jair Z.
I used to have that problem too, and found that drinking my breakfast helped a lot. I would drink milk + protein powder or a smoothie I made the night before then I'd have a little snack ready for after the workout (nuts, banana + peanut butter, etc).
Silviara E.
Workout then eat is what I do but, if you want to eat the workout eat some cheese and rice crisps 30 minutes before you workout.
Amandine S.
Hi there! So I didn’t have the issue of feeling nauseous but it felt bad to do heavy exercise or cardio just after breakfast. So I switch the order in the morning routine, so now I have
– drink water 💧
– take my vitamins (and contraception pill 💊)
– exercise (I do 🧘🏻‍♀️ yoga, HIIT or if I don’t have time the 7 minute workout in the Fabulous app)
– then breakfast 🍳
– celebrate 🎉
You can adapt the order of your routines.
Good luck! 💫
Frauke C.
Have you considered exercising then breakfast? Its what I do now after a short morning yoga routine. Alternatively, I used to have banana before my morning run. Something small but would give me enough energy for exercise like running.
Flavie N.
Hi! I only eat a little bit before exercizing and some more after if the exercise is high intensity. If the exercise is low intensity I don’t get nauseaous after eating.
Pietro O.
I used to have a banana before I exercised (a boiled egg is a low carb option) but have found not eating first is better. I exercise first thing and can do a solid ½ HITT body weight session or an hour of swimming or running. I would eat if I was doing more than that. After my workout I have muesli. As far as I know the science backs up not eating before exercise. Works for me 😊
Aci A.
I just eat a banana before my workout and then my protein after. I find this works better for me. Water before exercise is very important too.
Melissa Y.
Try having a partial breakfast before exercising and the rest after – that often works well for me. In the end, though, if you find you can exercise without having eaten first and that your body prefers to digest breakfast afterwards, then by all means do it that way. The reason we’re told to eat breakfast first is that it can help provide the necessary fuel and proper nutrition to keep us motivated to actually exercise and to get the most out of exercising as well. But I think it’s more important that you (a) at least give it a try more than once before deciding it isn’t for you and (b) exercise and eat breakfast daily. And much less important that you do them in a specific order, even if that order is presented as the optimal approach. Keep in mind that programs such as this one are designed in such a way as to work for a majority of people, not 100% of them. Each one of us is different with our own unique physiology and psychology, hence there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. I personally don’t always eat breakfast before exercising, but I also know that my motivation to exercise daily is unwavering independent of whether I’ve eaten first AND that eating breakfast is an already ingrained daily habit I’ve been doing for decades. Lastly, talk to your doctor or a trainer – let them know what you’re up to and see what they say…perhaps they can help identify why exercising after eating affects you the way it does and maybe help recommend a change you can make in what you eat or timing of eating in relation to exercise.
Samira O.
You shoul'd try with a light stretching first so your body will be ready for exercise. Then start with a walk and others soft trainings. If it doesn't help try to eat something lighter for breakfast.
Willard L.
I take verylight breakfast before exercise,..some goji/inca berries. I find I always have more than enough energy tapping into body’s reserves. After exercise i then have big breakfast. What matters as well is that i exercise early….7.00am.
El Na E.
I'm not sure what your eating for breakfast, but my solution would be to have a lite breakfast with fruit or make a protein shake. Good Luck Keep Up The Fabulous Work. ❤
Marlene J.
I don’t eat before I work out. I practice intermittent fasting twice a week so 2 days out of every 7 I don’t eat till dinner and I still exercise in morning. There is no hard and fast rule – if you really feel you need to eat before exercising then have something small like a banana and then main breakfast afterwards
Lukas S.
I do not eat breakfast before about 10:00 AM. I work out on an empty stomach – if I work out in the morning. It takes a few days to get used to it but my body is used to it now. I practice intermittent fasting and try to go without meals for 14 to 16 hours…. however, if I have a strong weightlifting work out, I will try to eat a little protein within 30 minutes of ending it.
Leo U.
I have a couple different ideas that you might want to try out. The first thing I was thinking is that your workout in the morning might be too heavy, so you could try adjusting that. You could also try adjusting qhat you eat for breakfast; you might want to exercise before you eat, or start off your day by having a light snack, exercising, and then eating more later that morning/in that day. I actually have IBS so I make myself a smoothie with easy-to-digest things like oats and bananas…There are lots different things you could try 🙂 Good luck!
Martha F.
Hi! I don’t. I work out on an empty stomach and eat a snack on the train on way to work and then a small breakfast when I get there. I snooze the breakfast on the fabulous app until then.
Hans Henning Y.
The exercise I do is not that rigourous. I do sun salutations, stretches, light weights, a couple of planks. I barely sweat. It’s more for light energized feel than a full body workout so nausea doesn’t really come into play.
Susan P.
I will exercise on a empty stomach first. Have a glass of water to be hydrated. After exercising I'll have a healthy breakfast.
Erika J.
I basically eat two breakfasts. One when I first get up which is small, piece of fruit or slice of bread, something like that. Then I exercise. It's not heavy enough to weigh me down but it gets me up and going. Then after I have exercised I have my actual breakfast such as eggs, breakfast bar, etc.
Suzanne W.
Give yourself time between finishing your breakfast and starting your workout, especially if you’re doing something high-intensity. An hour is the usual recommendation; however, it’s different for everyone. If you can’t make that time, try eating a lighter meal, a shake, or something easier to digest.
Crystal T.
I have a kale smoothie but after excercising. I have very little time in the morning with 2 little kids. I also start work by 7 every day. So my excercising consists of 5 -10 minutes of yoga. After which I have break of 15 to 20 minutes before breakfast.
Romy G.
I have had that problem too. Then I exercised too hard. Now I am cycling to work after breakfast. No nausea. I have done it so long my body is adjusted to it.
Jerusa Q.
I eat after my exercise. If I'm really hungry I'll eat a portion of nuts to settle my hunger long enough to get through my workout.
Villads E.
The truth is, you’ll get indigestion if you don’t wait at least 1-2 hours after eating to exercise. I like to make my breakfast, do a quick workout, then eat afterwards. Hot food is overrated anyways. 🙂
Signe W.
I agree, trying to exercise right after eating makes me feel sick. I’ve been drinking water first, then having breakfast after I do a short exercise. I just do a light yoga routine, if I did something that took more energy I might try something small like a fruit or nuts or something before starting my exercise and then have breakfast still after.
Marcus U.
Hi! Often I exercise before I eat, it feels wonderful to start the day (breakfast feels like the start of the day for me) with already having accomplished something! If it feels best for you to do it in that order, why not? When my boyfriend and I get up in the morning together, I usually have breakfast with him, and then exercise. I do yoga, and I find that it is a great way to wake up the body and build strenght and clarity in body and mind in a gentle, but often tough way.
I do think running in the morning would be to heavy for my part, but the times when i have been training stamina before breakfast I usually have a fruit or something before I run, and then some grains or other foods with protein and slow carbs afterwards. I dont think many recommend to eat a great meal and then exercise, so why not do it in the order that feels best for you and your body?
Mae C.
I actually eat afterwards. If I am hungry before the exercise I eat a banana or something light that fills me with energy but doesn’t burden my body. the real breakfast comes only after the exercise. I use it also as a celebration of the exercise and it also allows me to spend more time with food and eat mindfully.
Hannah C.
Eat just a little before you exercise, like a handful of almonds. Then eat real breakfast after. Or do something low impact!
Dulcin Ia S.
I usually wash my face, brush my teeth, and THEN exercise because by then you’re famished and it makes it easier for you to eat
Eva X.
I do stretches and high knee walks for 7min only….first thing after my glass of water.Before a workout you may benefit from taking a proteien shake 20 to 15 min in advance and after the workout and shower you will enjoy having a good breakfast.
Philip E.
I always exercise first. I get up, and go right into it. Warm-up is super important! My exercise is about 40 minutes, which includes a thorough yoga-style stretching session at the end. Again, very important to keep away pains and aches and to remain flexible & limber, especially if you work out hard. Then I shower and eat breakfast. Never get nauseated doing it in this order! 🙂
Cl O N.
I find for myself that it’s best to have something small (like a banana) before working out so I’m not running on empty but also not exercising on a full stomach. After I’m done working out I’ll have my actual breakfast or at least something more substantial.
Lison S.
Eat something light and then exercise. After that eat breakfast. You still ate before. If that is what you mean. If that didn't help you do exercises without jumping or spinning.
Aaron N.
Avoid sugar and carbs to reduce indigestion. You can always have a little 100 calorie snack before exercising to avoid overtaxing your digestive system. Then after exercise have a more sustainable meal.
Margitta J.
Try to eat something light at first, for instance a piece of fruit and some nuts. In the beginning I had the same issue, after I changed my diet it didn’t make me nauseous anymore and I felt even better after my workout.
Darryl W.
If you get indigestion before eating, don’t eat. I used to run before eating all the time, then I changed my diet to include less carbs and found my morning runs were harder and more sluggish. So, I adjusted my Habit and had a quick bite before hitting the road, and then finished breakfast when I returned. If something isn’t working for you, don’t force it. Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.
Stephanie P.
I think a habit is all about feeling good . If it makes you feel bad both mentally and physically i think you should exercise before the breakfast. You can eat a banana or drink chocolate milk before every exercise. This way your hunger won't show itself , and you will definitely feel energized! Good luck and have fun on your journey !
Delores Q.
I eat a light breakfast nothing mirowaveable no protein bars etc. I do stretches during the week weights on the weekend take a break in between even if you don't finish keep going you will adjust.
Abel Q.
I have my water by my bed, and drink it before I have breakfast. Then I get ready for work and my daughter ready for school. I walk briskly to school, which takes me 15 minutes. That's about an hour or more after breakfast so I don't get indigestion and I have energy for it. I can't exercise on an empty tummy. If you can't walk to work, is there some way you could park or get off your transportation a distance out so you could fit in a little walk? I notice such a positive difference. Or maybe take the stairs to your floor or walk around the lock before entering your office? Any way you can fit in just a bit will be awesome.
Craig O.
If I'm going to do a light exercise, I don't eat breakfast before. Of I'm doing a harder work out, I drink a green smoothie with collagen protein powder as its easier on digestion.
Gene S.
Actually i eat breakfast after exercise but you can eat oatmeal or boiled egg in small portions before breakfast to prevent nausea, or if you have a history of indigestion you’ll better to consult with a doctor first
Lia S.
I used to have the same problem. I keep my breakfast relatively small and take my time. Usually a fruit smoothie and a hard boiled egg. I think the protein really helps. It took some time to get used to it but now I find that I don’t have a problem feeling nauseous
Pauline B.
You are better off eating breakfast after exercising. I have a tea or coffee then exercise, then I have a bowl of porridge.
Good luck!
Gene U.
If you must eat before exercising then take a fruit and plain yogurt for example as a light breakfast 20-30 minutes before exercising.
Arlene O.
It depends on the kind of exercise you're doing, the type of breakfast you're having and the time between the two. I aim for porridge with whey protein at least an hour before exercise. If I go for yoga, I'll just have a small banana before. Breakfast only after yoga practice
Anita Q.
Eat after exercising. If you have to eat before, have something small but substantial like a banana or spoon of peanut butter
Alberte Z.
I usually do my exercises first. If I eat first, my belly hurts or I cannot move as easily. You can switch the order however you like in Fabulous.
Debbie E.
Great question! I had the same issue at first. It is better for me to eat after exercising. I’m not super hungry first thing in the morning anyway. So, I go to work 20 mins early. I do a 15min video on YouTube at my desk. Then I eat a PB and banana sandwich on whole grain bread before I clock in. So far it’s working for me. I think you have to do it in whatever order works best for you.
Danielle P.
I exercise before breakfast because I work out at home. I drink water once I wake up -several glasses as a practice- and I combine the water routine with exercising.
Sometimes I might have something small like a banana, but proper breakfast usually follows about 20-30 minutes after exercising. I use the 20-30 minutes to get ready for work, then eat, meditate and go
Germana Q.
You need wait, at least, 30 minutes to do an exercise after eating. A short time The this won’t be enough to digest the food you ate.
Melvin N.
I am not eating that much its just a little bowl of oats, nut mix, a berry mix & a banana. And than i'm goning to the Gym 20-30 min. later. But everyone is different.
Christian C.
i’m not an expert, but i would suggest bringing a small snack with you, like a granola bar, while you’re exercising in the morning. that, or you could eat breakfast and when you’re sure you’re ready to go, then you go exercising. if you haven’t tried exercising before eating breakfast, then you could try that as well. it’s just a matter of what works for you.
Christoffer W.
My routine is to exercise first with water. At first I felt a little dizzy so drank a sweet drink. As I moved forward my body got used to water and is was fine. Then after my routine I had my breakfast. Hope this helps.
Isabela Q.
I excercise in the evening before I go to bed. I get into bed feeling proud and accomplished and know that the morning routine will be easy. I’m more of a night owl than a morning person so this works for me.
Priscilla U.
I start small each morning, not a full hour beast mode workout, but a 10 minute punchbag routine, some light weights or a walk, just enough to get my heart rate up and break a small sweat. If that doesn’t work, I would take a small healthy bite before I workout, just to give you al little extra to burn.
Elya F.
in the morning before training, I drink a small glass of sour-milk drink. it nourishes me with proteins and does not give a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. after about 15 minutes, I can do the exercises. sometimes I add dried fruit or nuts to a drink. after such a snack I have not been feeling hungry for quite a while.
Eberardo Q.
Sometimes you can split the breakfast into two parts, eat a small portion, enough to keep you going through the exercise, but not the whole breakfast. Then you can eat as much as you need after the work out. It'll help to try out different foods and amounts, after a while you'll find what works for you
Monica S.
I exercise before breakfast. I take my dogs for a walk first thing in the morning then feed them and then I eat. Works better for me that way. It also helps me get water in.
Petra Z.
Yes . I have felt little tired when I’m eating breakfast 🥞. Usually I won’t take breakfast but now I’m taking it but I feel little sleepy 💤 I don’t know why ..
Chris T.
I start to wake up earlier, before the time I usually have breakfast and I usually don’t feel hungry at that time so I can do exercise before and then go for the breakfast. Bye!
Boanerges B.
I don’t usually breakfast early as I do intermittent fasting but if you really want to have something before exercise take something that easy to digest such as vegetables and fruit smoothies or just banana. They would give you energy you need without you feeling full or nausea and other indigestion problem. Hope you find this’s helpful.
Margie E.
This is what I am doing right now, I wake up, first thing I do is drink water, then exercise and then eat good breakfast, and then go to work
Svea U.
I think you can excersise and then have breakfast. I also prefer this order too. The important part is make it your habit.