Do you have any great ten minute workouts to recommend?

Margaux O.
Yoga it’s so good for your mental health , physical health and for you bones. Don’t overthink it though just do one little thing everyday and you’re flying it. Keep it up you’re doing fantastic
Lynn Y.
My favorite workouts are from the YouTube channel called Popsugar. There are many dance cardio workouts that are fun to easy to do at home.
Benjamin C.
Yes. I recommend a 10 minute yoga session, especially first thing in the morning. Relaxation yoga or morning stretches are my favourite. I don’t like to jump around first thing so this type of exercise really suits me and eases me into the day. I do it before anyone else is up so it’s peaceful and light some candles to create a calm atmosphere.
Carolina P.
There's always a great 10 min workout routine on Instagram, the question is do you have any limitations? Like lower back pain or restricted space to exercise. In my case, I do suffer from lower back pain and I don't have a gym membership, which reduces the amount of options when it comes to a quick yet effective 10 minutes routine, a life-saving resource for me is the use of resistance band exercises, there are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed with a single RB, I love the fact that it offers you an increasing load per range of motion which is not possible with traditional weight training, it also offers me the benefits of a physical therapy, weight training, and endurance, all in one! try alternating a RB movement with a cardio acceleration motion like mountain climbers, or jump rope for a minute for example 1. RB bicep curl. 2. Jump rope. 3. Rest, and repeat for as many intervals as you can complete in 10 min. I hope this works for you, and I am excited for you to meet the best version of your self! Love, Carol. NASM PT and Fabulous user.
Shelley Y.
This might not work for you, but when I wake up in the morning, the exercise I like to do is dance. It’s fun and difficult, yet not very tiring at all. I usually do this for maybe about ten minutes(three songs) each morning to feel hyped and energized. I dance to KPop most of the time because of their amazing choreography, but jamming to any song with meaning will do as long as you are trying to make those moves count. Again, this might not work for you. Love yourself 💜
Jacky O.
Yes, I am making it a habit that right after I get home from work I play a short YouTube video about a dancing aerobic exercise.
Candis N.
I have this app on my phone called FitOn and they have a variety of exercises and stretches that you can do along with an instructor. I love it so much. The exercises range from 7 minutes up to 45mins. Give it a try! I think you will like it too.