What exercises do you do?

Anolido P.
When I feel good and on track, I vary between a 30 minute yoga session or a 7-10 body weight workout.

On a bad day, a few sun salutations help.

Valdemar G.
I typically do the elliptical at the gym, so yoga of varying difficulties weekly (either hatha or vinyasa, occasionally yin or restorative), and today the gym was closed so I hit the road and went on a run!
J Rn X.
Running 1 mile and then squats, lunges, benchpress, and sit-ups on Monday’s. Hiking or bicycling on the other three days I don’t work. On the three days I do work, I get over 10,000 steps in during my thirteen hour shift so I’m calling that good for now.
Brian E.
Most of the time I do yoga with “yoga with Adriene” on YouTube. Sometimes I just do some stretching or a few yoga poses if I don’t have enough time to do a whole routine. I’ve also tried the app called sworkit which is good but I like yoga better.
Sheila W.
I walked 75 miles a month from 2 months Got a personal trainer who selects 1 muscle group for strength training eqchday of week.cholestrol, fatty liver,bp,heart beat ,kidney all blood result in normal range now.though lost only 3 kilos wt.
Morris Y.
I dance intensely to different types of music. I go for music with great rhythms: afro-house, belly dancing tabla, Anatolia House, Gentleman Music (DJ) music, twerk or EDM. It's easy for me to stick with this because I just simply love to dance. It's an easy way for me to get exercise without having to think about it. It's a great stress reliever because I get to just be free for a little bit and do something different. I get to change up my routine by just dancing intuitively to work different parts of my body. Because I get bored easily, switching up the music makes it fun. I can do it on my own terms, and not have to follow anyone else when I do it. That celebrates my need for freedom. It helps me stay connected to my fun and vibrant self. The music can be so powerful sometimes that it makes me burst into laughter from dancing silly, or reflecting on times when I beat myself up for not being able to exercise consistently because I overlooked dancing a serious an option, thinking I should be more formal about exercise. Sometimes I've cried from all the time I spent building up stress and needing to release it and the music just opened me up. So I'll try to stick with dancing for the rest of my life.
Amy F.
i play soccer on a regular basis, so that is how i stay healthy. but a good idea is to run 3 or 4 times a week. maybe run at park or around your neighborhood. you can do push-ups and squats. there are a lot of fitness apps to help give you a routine and you can try to stick to that
Noah G.
I walk or run a little under 2 miles. When I get home, I will either do a very short arms exercise, or a very short core exercise.
Laura P.
I have foregone the short exercises in favor of the ones I was doing before I joined, so full gym workouts focusing on muscle groups 3-4 days a week, with yoga from a 30 day today challenge on the off days.
Richard M.
Good morning! I do kettle Worx kettle ball workout. It’s 10 to 15 minutes. Using an 8 pound kettle ball. I did start with five pounds several months ago. It’s quick a good workout and doesn’t take much time. Then get on the floor and do stretches!
Anna Y.
Right now, I’m using as app called ‘30 Day challenge’. I rotate through the challenges so I’m doing multiples and it takes me 10-15 minutes. I’ve also added in 10-15 minutes of yoga and I strive for 20 minutes of walking.
Stefano C.
I first do a warm up, then some badic drills like situps planks and squats. I then do a full core workout form from Nike
Benjamin G.
I do a 15-minute yoga cycle for pelvis' floor. I was doing it previously for medical reasons but never right after waking up. It changed a bithow I feel after it. In positive way, of course. Also I started going to gym. I run there on the treadmill and then I do light exercises for various parts ot muscles.
Joy N.
I do resistance training exercises using a resistance band and my own weight only sometimes now. I want to keep a habit of doing some everyday. Either a series from one muscle group a day or 1 from each muscle group a day
Sibille Z.
I use FitnessBlender.com videos. They are free and you can search by length of exercise or type. I also really like their attitude and that I can do their routines at home in my pajamas. I started out just doing the 5-10 minute routines for about 6 months or so and gradually worked up to about half an hour per day (weekends off).
Malou A.
The excersise I do is walking. I walk to school and I walk after school. And that states both of the excersis I have to do eveyday.
Deborah Z.
I do yoga as exercise and deep stretches to build my stamina to reach my goal of running for fitness and health. I also focus on core and an workouts as that is my biggest are I want to work on.
Nino Q.
I run about 45-50 miles a week and weight lift 3-4 times. I also do yoga every day to keep me injury free while running!
Betti U.
Yoga is great for me, so I try to do at least 15 minutes every day. I run or row 3x per week. And I do strength training with either body weight exercises or isometric stuff on the off days. I try to climb at least 2x per week, but that’s harder than I’d like it to be during busy work weeks.
Alison E.
Usually I do a short warm-up with some combination of burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, sit-ups, leg raises, crunches or high knees; just something to get the blood pumping, and then I finish off with some sun salutations! If you don't know what those are, you should look them up for sure! 🙂
Ennya Z.
Mornings: quick yoga & stretches.
Afternoons: three days weight lifting, one day steady run, one day interval speed run (HIIT), two days rest.
Leonie X.
Yoga is great and you can find videos on YouTube that are free. Or Amazon Prime has some. I also do walking in the warmer months.
Jeffery P.
Yoga. I like that I can slow down the pace to get in a good stretch or speed it up to get my heart pumping to get in a little cardio.
Amalie N.
I like to do yoga and walking. I am a teacher so sometimes I do my walking at work and just don’t allow myself to sit down until I have walked a mile.
Tyrone P.
In the morning I train my legs, I'm coming from a knee injury so I consistenly train my legs to take care of them and I like because I'm using my own body to do the exercises I like to do bodyweight training because it helps me to develope full control of my body. So I do lungues, squats, jump squats, jumping jacks and leg bridges. So my advice is start slow, walk, train with your own body weight and earn control of it, then you can go(if you want) to the gym to lift heavy weights. There is lots of bodyweight training apps to start exercising. Good luck
Katherine J.
I use the 7 Minute app on 4 repeats (28 minutes) 3-4 times a week. It uses exercises such as step ups, push ups, planks and squats. I do Pilates at home. I also walk my dog as my daily LISS exercise.
Matteo N.
I practise yoga most days and walk every day to keep active: I drink water to keep fit and prioritise sleep to have overall good health!
Cecilia O.
I at the very least do a little bit of yoga/stretching and core exercises. Sometimes its only for the 8 minutes on the app timer but at least it's something and it usually makes me feel better.
Jeanette X.
Yoga. I use to watch YouTube while doing it but now I build my own rountine so I have focus on the movement and turn focus more internally
Na L C.
I walk my neighbor's dog, I walk myself. I dance salsa, I go running, I go to the gym, i do crossfit. I go hiking. I play with kids.
Liva F.
I was going to PT right before I started Fab; so I do some for my back, shoulders and neck. I also walk 10 mins to and from the train 3 days a week instead of driving. I will begin a new gym regimen in the next month or two (waiting for it to open up – it’s 4 months delayed)
Joshua E.
I have 2apps I use for my exercise routine on the morning.
1. Home workout – for a full body workout
2. Home workout for men – for specific workouts, when I feel a certain area of my body could use more attention and exercise

Yesterday I had some time free and went to my mother in-laws house. And I did a little digging for the yard.
The best workout so far. And I grounded myself more by staying in nature.

And now I understand where the phrase "You are grounded comes from". It is actually a good thing, the way parents use it is lacking in benefits.

Thank you for this question man… Or woman! 🙂
Have a wonderful day.

Nica A.
Every morning I am using the make me fabulous section and I do the 7 min workout one day and the core abs and some stretching every other day.
Margot Z.
I go to an exercise studio called orangetheory, that way my workouts are mixed up and i get some strength and cardio without having to plan any of it beforehand.
Elias E.
The 7 minute 'scientific' is good because it's easy to commit to and you can do it anywhere. I also like a quick jog (3km)
Luke Z.
I just discovered that if you scroll down on the exercise card during the morning routine that there are a bunch of good quick exercise routines. I did the one minute movement one when I first started. Now I’ve switched to the four minute abs routine. Today I tried the seven minute (which is really nine minutes) research backed routine. It was tough but I survived and I can see myself eventually being able to complete it without modifying any of the exercises.
Adam C.
I downloaded the seven minute workout into my iPhone and I do that most mornings. I also walk about 2-3 miles a day at work.
Agar F.
Weights at home, or go to the gym and run and then weights or bodyweight exercises. I found the Home Workout app supremely useful because I just need to follow the exercises and not think of them myself. I recommend that heavily.
Anita Y.
Hi there
I do some of (fetness blender) channel on YouTube.
I try to work all of my body
So it is different every day.
Leslie X.
Yoga. I do sun salutation for about 5-10 mintues. The time depends on the number of breath I hold and the time to release the tension.
Milo Z.
In the mornings I do either a 10 min intense work out or Ab exercise routine and once to twice a week I take african contemporary dancing class!
Miguel J.
I start with stretching and warming up different body parts – from ankles, hips to shoulders (bottom to top). Then I do push-ups, sometimes abs training. For me, I need to have a “core” exercises to stick with the habit and then I can add/mix new exercises as my habit gets stronger.
Freya Z.
Hey! I do some of Journey ones + One punch man’s rotations:
N+1 a day sit ups! (21 because 21th day when I started.
N+1 push-ups.
N+1 crunches
Fabien O.
I usually use an app and exercise for 10 minutes a day, doing only what I can and never pushing more than I'm capable of. I normally do a small warm up and then exercise all the body. Recently, I've been leaving two days a week to exercise only my arm muscles and another for the abdominal muscles. I also keep track of how well or bad I do, and seeing the improvement helps a lot with my confidence! Also helps me see where I should work a little harder. Hope that helped!
Kornelius X.
I use the app’s seven minute excercises. Some mornings I do only half of the time if I’m sore or limited on time. Just a commitment to do something every day- no matter how small
Christian W.
About six sun salutations two 7-minute workouts, ideally. Sometimes a bit less of each. At the very least one sun salutation and a few push-ups
Amadeu C.
I do a variety of exercises I try every thing at least once but my main love is just swimming and kick boxing the pool is refreshing and the kick boxing I mainly do for stress relief.
Kasper W.
I wake up and after amhaving water and doing a short meditation, i do the 10 minutes basic stretch exercises recommended by Fabulous. I then either go for a 15-20 minute run, or do a short set of home exercises from the recommended exercises on fabulous. I’m trying to work on my upper body strength so I’m also using YouTube to find appropriate body weight exercises to improve there. Then if I have time and there is a one at my gym in the evening I try to attend a Yoga or Pilates class to wind down after my day. I can’t sleep if I do intense exercise in the evening so I prefer to wake up and do my more intense workout immediately.
Calvin O.
Stretching, yoga and walking. Depends how I'm feeling each day and if there is a specific part of my body that has pain/cramps/tightness. Hoping to add strength training and work up to jogging
Sofia E.
When time is short I do push-ups and sit-ups. When I have half an hour I workout on a punching bag, an indoor rower or I go outside for a jog.
Jonathan W.
I found this amazing app that works for me because it has 3 levels of exercise difficulties, and each one takes 30days to complete, but you can go at your own pace. Like I started working out twice a week, then 3 times, and now 4 days weekly, and I'm about halfway through the first level because I've also been trying out their other workouts when I felt like the ones in the schedule were a little too long for me. The app I use focuses on exercises for burning fat, but there are different ones. These are some of the names: Loose Belly Fat-Flat Stomach, 30 Day Abs Challenge, and Home Workout-No Equipment. The creators are Leap Fitness Group, Simple Design Ltd, and Veev Apps. Highly recommend you check them out!
Angel O.
Mostly gym sessions, from one hour to one hour and a half, I've had a solid workout program that changes every month for the past few years.
Alex J.
I usually have an exercise routine that consists of 3 sets of pushups, situps and squats. If I am not suffering an injury I also run at least 3 times a week. When I am in a hurry or very tired/sore, I go for one or two sets of just a single exercise. Preferably situps, since I aim for a strong core. Or I simply take a walk. If I don't have much time I try to integrate the walk into my scedule. For example, getting off the bus one or two stops earlier so I walk the rest of the way.
Maria Z.
Yesterday I did yoga, using an app on my phone. Today I did exercises within the Fabulous app. I enjoyed today's exercises.
Ingetraud F.
I am retired and exercise has become a priority. At 58, I have been doing Pilates for 6 years and it has made such a difference and gives me a foundation for other kinds of exercise. In other words, I feel like Pilates keeps me safe from the perils of aging and prevents injuries.
Yoga is my favorite and I hope to do more of it when I finish training for a triathlon which is in late August. The mini-sprint triathlon I will be competing in requires that I swim, bike, run and do some weight-training all summer. (The triathlon is a bucket-list thing).
After the triathlon, I would like to do yoga everyday (and still do Pilates twice a week).
I would also like to do less driving and ride my bike or walk more for errands and shopping.
Also, I recently started taking tennis lessons for fun and I’m hoping to play in a league in the future.
Pierre C.
I usually do some push-ups, squats and abs crunches. If I have time I do some cardio like jumping jacks or running on the spot.
Philip B.
Tai chi in the morning. I am old so need to work with movement. I do a guided set with holding a smooth river rock which weighs around 1&1/4 lbs. suppose to be 3lbs each but that makes my arms to tired.
In the afternoon I use my husbands stationary bike .
Silke B.
Mostly Running/Jogging a few times a week for cardio and weight loss and basic workouts at home using body weight, no equipment for basic muscle strengthening. (i.e. push ups, sit ups, squats, crunches) Your basic body weight workouts are good if you’re just trying to tone up. No need for a gym membership. If your just looking to lose some weight or get in/stay in shape, there’s no need to venture too far or spend too much money. (Highly recommend getting some good running shoes if you’re new to running. They make a world of difference.)
Dave G.
I haven’t committed to 8 minutes yet. I do 4 minutes Core Workout, although I walk at least 10-15 minutes during my morning commute. Might do “7 Minute Workout” in the future.
Ida F.
Earlier, I hated excercise. I loved the outcomes that I always wished for: the healthiness, the confidence boost, the options my body can experience. But I hated the pain and the selliness of the excercise (run for 30 minutes … yakk). But then I met this great martial art coach. He gave me purpose and great taste of what excercise can really be.
Hermann W.
I do small weights and walking, around 2 & 1/2 miles. It took a while to get to that, starting out a mile winded me for almost the whole day. But repetition makes it easier.
Helmuth F.
I do skipping in the morning & evenings & sometimes I’ll go to my local park in the morning and use the outdoor gym provided
Ndrea N.
I’ve been taking walks around the neighborhood, to the park, and to cafes.

Sometimes, I’ll use the hand-weights I have and do some arm exercises, as well as some squats, push-ups, crunches, etc.

Ottokar F.
Variety is the key for me to be able to sustain an exercise habit. At the moment I do yoga drop-in on Mondays, skate skiing lessons on Tuesdays (which I’m hoping will replace downhill skiing for me) and two spin classes a week until the weather gets nice enough to switch back to road biking. In the summer I’ll bike to work to keep fit. I also have plans to learn how to climb.
Tammy O.
I do kickboxing HIIT for cardio and bodyweight home exercises for strength, I’ve recently gotten into adding 2kg weights into my strength training because my body got used to no resistance.
I’m also trying to incorporate more calisthenics into my routine and mobility for recovery days.
Soham O.
I do pilates stretching exercises first thing in the morning every morning most mornings I walk most nights 20 minutes I do a Pilates class once a week
Nathana L T.
On bad days, I do the 1 minute fabulous, on better days, I fo the 7 minute fabulous. On good days, I do a half hour routine.
Donald E.
I have been going on a daily morning jog since I began the challenge and the 7 min exercise on this platform when I have the extra time. I also stretch and do yoga in the evenings and short circuit workouts, but only when I have the energy to keep working out for a longer amount of time.
Violetta R.
Right now, i mostly do pull ups. It’s a kind of exercise that I’ve always loved to do. In one hand it exercises almost all your upper body, in the other hand it’s a kind of drill that you feel accomplished to do because you see the diferences right after doing it. Furthermore, when you get into it and do it a lot, you’ll get a aesthetically fit. Adding to all of this it’s very easy to see that you can do more and more in a relatively short amount of time.
Rosie N.
I don't always exercise in the morning as I already exercise at the gym. However, I tend to do light stretching exercises in the morning, plus some squats. At the gym I mostly use the treadmill and bikes.
Taliana Q.
I dance, I dance reggaeton like a Latin American for 9 minutes straight to Daddy Yankee and stuff, I thought I'dnt do anything but after 5 minutes I'll be sweating and my legs would start shaking, plus I love the music so that keeps me motivated
Roland O.
I commute by bike from home to work and from work to home five times a week. I cover about 20 km per day. The rides take 30 to 40 minutes.
Aymeric E.
I am a member of curves for women to workout but when I can’t make it there I find some 7 minute workouts and go from there.
Alexandra Z.
Whatever I feel most motivated to do. Having an either or option that is one workout or another rather than workout or no workout helps me to stay motivated. Plus variety is good. I like a mix of running, HIIT and yoga
Charlotte Z.
I do active range of motion exercises of joints. Movements like Flexion, extension, abduction, adduction in both upperlimb and lowerlimb joints. I have Arthritis, so this exercise every morning helps a lot.
Tha S E.
It dépends. I prefer cardio exercises such as swimming or running. However when I am not in the mood to leave the house I often do some body weight exercises, especially HIIT series.
Some times I shadow boxe too, but not too often.
Cristina Q.
i stretch every morning , and every day i run at least 1k, do planks on each side for one minute, 20 pushups and 30 situps.
Ekkehard W.
I start my morning with a good stretch and then walk in place for 15 min – 30 min while watching my morning programming
Emily W.
Generally speaking I do more strength training and yoga than straight cardio, much of it bodyweight or light dumbbells. If it's cardio, I love to dance! I also love skating and swimming, but haven't done either for a while now. For strength, think squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, weighted rows, etc. For yoga, I start with sun salutations and move on to other routines if I am doing a full session.
Jubeline T.
Hula hoop if I'm having trouble feeling 'in the mood' to exercise, because it feels more like playing. 7 min workout on my better days. I can't get through it all right now, but I just try everything, because I'll be able to do it one day if I keep trying
Jamie F.
I alternate weight lifting and running each day. There are 4 machines in my apartment's gym. I use these. Then the other day, I run a lap at the track around my local VA Hospital
Frida F.
I do High Intensity Interval Training and weights. I use machines without impact on my joint and by doing that it helps me build muscle mass without hurting myself.
Mathias G.
Right now I’m doing indoor exercises. Mainly because I’m not really motivated yet. It’s still cold with lots of snow and ice so I won’t do any walks or runs yet. I’ve been finding short videos of easy exercises to do indoors as well as stretching exercises.
Diana S.
I do the 7 day ab challenge and repeat it weekly. I also do 200 crunches first thing in the morning when I wake up as well as some sun salutations yoga when the sun is at its highest point. I do these things at certain times because I find these times to be the best for me.
Bernardina B.
I go to the gym and mostly do weight work. I actually try to go every day – not because I’m an excercise freak (I’m not), but because I find that if it is something I do every day I am more likely to do it. It just becomes part of my routine.
So I go every morning – I tried going later in the day but that doesn’t work for me. And like I said, I do mostly weights, though I do cardio twice a week just to build endurance.
Thank you for the question!
Milo S.
I am going to strech the body only at beginning after a week i will go for some workout then after 1 week i will go for intense workout
Jesus O.
We just got a stationary bike so I’ve been doing that some and walking 7000 steps a day I walk in place while watching the news in the morning and do about forty minutes there
Philip C.
I am a experienced hiker so I enjoy walking as a exercise. Three or four times a week, I spend thirty to forty five minutes on the elliptical machine to reduce the pressure on my feet and knees.
Br S C.
Cardio is, for me, the foundation. 30 minutes of running (or jogging). Upon that firm foundation, I work on chest, core, and arms. Endurance + practical strength and posture.
Loreen O.
In the mornings after drinking my water I put on some music and dance around my room. Then I stretch. I usually do a "real" workout later, but this is a great morning energizer for me with little to no prep.
Isa As Q.
it actually varies a lot from week to week, but i have volleyball practices two or three times a week so that’s consistent. In between those i try to some days get in some cardio, where i either take a long jog, or do some intervals. And then some days where i feel “lazy” and don’t want to get out i just find a workout video on youtube or somewhere and do some strength training or HIIT at home. I just try to listen to my body what it will be up for that day, some days i even just go for a relaxing walk.
Evelyni S.
I prefer a class to solitary exercise, but I definitely get out and walk lots everyday and a couple of yoga classes/week.
Asta P.
I practice yoga to keep me grounded and to encourage my body to stretch. It’s good for the days you want to be gentle with yourself. When I have more energy, I’ve started doing a twenty minute session of kettlebell exercises when I come home from work. This usually alters my mood if I’ve had a tiring or bad day or it enhances any great feelings I’ve had during the day. The exercises also seem to help with my sore shoulders and back as they are now stronger and supported with growing muscle. I sleep better too. And lastly, most days I walk. I walk to work and back and on days off I try and get out into the fresh air, even if it’s just to the shops.
Elouan P.
I run/walk, sometimes just some simple yoga poses. Sometimes I’ll do each of these together for a morning exercise: jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, planks, push ups, etc.