How do you exercise when you’re still stiff and sore from the last time?

Susan P.
I dont go very far but if I'm sore I will walk in afternoon I do a small walk in morning and afternoon only 20 mins locally dont overdo it it all = up to steps on my fitness app
Regine R.
The same way if I'm sore that means it's working unless it's the joints I have to keep going after all "A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work" there is no point leaving something unfinished halfway I need to keep going or else I fail
Yzma F.
I personally have the experience of going to the gym or exercising too hard on the first couple of days, that the soreness and pain made me quit instantly and the routine never really turned into one. Then I thought what if I start so small that I feel fun and refreshed Instead of struggling to make it done? Then I realized how starting small with everything could lead to a long lasting and continuous routine.
Mark P.
either rest days or active rest days where you can just do a little stretching, walk round the block etc it's still excercise x if you are stiff and sore you may of over done things a little just take it easy for a bit. Stretching will loosen things up a bit tho. Often it's just the starting that is the hard bit. But do allow yourself the chance to recover if that is what your body is asking. I work apposing muscle groups if I want to exercise but one group is gripping. We do tend to rely on specific sets of muscles. maybe you should get a trampoline ?
Mary Ann G.
Stretching and low impact
Exercising another area of body eg. Arms and back
After legs and glute session the day before
Regine R.
i simply don't. taking a break is something everyone needs once in a while. i personally don't like overworking myself – instead of trying to do something that is clearly uncomfortable for my body, i choose to do an activity that includes more of relax, while remembering that the next chance is waiting for me and not going anywhere.
C Lia B.
Part of the healing process is to continue working the sore muscles.after walking or squatting the pain seems to lighten up daily.they need to break down to tone up I believe…