Do you do your exercises only from the options on Fabulous or you supplement the morning exercises with some other exercises? Perhaps at a different time?

Ashton F.
I’m a dancer and we have practice almost every morning at 7:00, but the days we don’t I do yoga. I did the yoga challenge a couple weeks ago which taught me some stuff I can do in the mornings. Hope this helps!
Ermida N.
I only do it once in a day for 8minutes usually from youtube ,but if you feel like you can accomplish doing in twice so try!
Kirsty N.
I haven’t done the fabulous exercises, just my own yoga routine (usually around 30 mins in length) and I walk at least two miles everyday 🙂
Helen F.
I walk daily to the kindergarten with my kid, it is 1,5km. So it is a permanent change for me. On weekends I try to do exercises from the app and also try YouTube workouts 😊
Russell X.
I started with the Fabulous yoga routine as a way of getting myself more active in the mornings again, but now I mostly go to the gym for my workouts, or use longer yoga routines from the internet. I also don't always do it first thing in the morning either. Going back to check off the habit on Fabulous helps me feel a sense of achievement in exercising though!